Net Zero - The Idealogues Attack On Civilisation

UK Government Belatedly Discovers The Uselessness Of Sustainables In Relation To Energy Security
The policy that Boris Johnson's Premiership will be remembered for is nor 'getting Brexit done,' but the government's disastrous pledge to make Great Britain the first developed nation to achieve a 'net zero' national energy system. The neglect and running down of traditional energy systems (coal, gas, nuclear,) along with flushing money down the toilet by investing in intermitternt power sources (wind, solar,) rather than Putin's war in Ukraine is responsible for the current crisis.

The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized
For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity. ... Continue reading >>>


1,200 Scientists and Professionals Go Public With: “There is No Climate Emergency”


Ever since the distant days of 2005, when the original Boggart Blog was unleashed on the world our little team have been calling out the massive pseudoscientific fraud that has spread the climate change  fallacy, the idea, based almost entirely on data output by mathematical models of the climate, that the predicted climate change catastrophe is the reuslt of Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere due to human activity,and the equally false claim that the science behind this notion is ‘settled’. ... Continue reading >>>

Do We Have A Winter Of Civil Disobedience Ahead?

We are in the grip of an energy crisis at the height of summer, due in part at least to the loss of gas imports from Russia.  Six months into the war in Ukraine, UK and EU policymakers are finally realising the potentially catastrophic implications of their gung-ho attitude in sanctioning Russia and supplying the neo Nazi nutters in Kiev with unlimited armaments and ammunition having backfired as The Kremlin retaliated by sanctioning gas exports to European states that depend on Russian gas. ... Continue reading >>>

Net Zero Is A Dangerous Fantasy, But Scientists Believe In Fairies It Seems

With oil and gas prices rocketing and the highly propted sustainable energy sources performing way befow expectations the energy crisis currently gripping Europe (with worse to come as food shortages start to bite, polticians still seem more intent on pandering to the green lobby and chasing the dream of a fossil fuel free world rather securing the energy and food supplies needed by the people they serve. ... Continue reading >>>


The Truth About Coal And The Lies Of The Elite


So much for all the COP 26 banter late last year. Let me remind you. The elites all flew in on their private jets and promptly told us we’re all (royal we) getting off fossil fuels and killing coal.

So how’s that turning out?

The usage of coal is now at record highs: ... Continue reading >>>


Britain is Breaking Down; The Economy Is Struggling, Living Standards Are Falling, Institutions Are Failing

In spite of being rich in energy resources Britain is now in an energy crisis, our leaders have sacrificed prosperity on the altar of Net Zero, committing the nation to our reducing our 1% contribution to harmful emissions still further while India, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia and all the other huge population nations of the third world carry on with business as usual (usual being the transfer of manufacturing industry from the rest to nations that are not so squeamish about a bit of Carbon Dioxide.)   ... Continue reading >>>


Climate Scientists' Mathematical Models Of Reality Wrong Again…New Study Shows Jet Stream Strengthening, Not Weakening 

But  recent research  by Samantha Hallam et al published in the journal Climate Dynamics looks at the seasonal variations over decades in Northern Hemisphere jet stream latitude and speed over land for the period 1871–2011. The authors report that they found no evidence of weakening of the sort climate alarmists have been warning about for the past three decades.

Conversely the research found that the winter jet stream over the North Atlantic and Eurasia has increased in average speed by 8% to 132 mph. ... Continue reading >>>


Official Advice - Prepare For Blackouts This Winter

 The UK government is putting plans together for days of organised blackouts this winter according to reports in manstream media. Naturally they are blaming this on the embargo on importing gas from Russia but Britain has never imported any more than a small amount of its gas from Russia. The real reason politicians and energy company CEOs are panicking is entirely due to their obession with obtaining all our energy from intermittent sources like wind and sunshine. The logic is so simple even a retard could follow it on days when the wind does not blow a wind turbine generates no current and for on average 12 hours a day (more in summer, less in winter,) solar panels generate nothing. ... Continue reading >>>


UK Households Are Paying Wind Turbine Owners To Not Generate Electricity

On another near windless day here in the United Kingdom, Boggart Blog came across a very interesting piece if news. According to figures published by the business and management consultancy LCP, british taxpayers have been paying operators of wind turbines farms for the time their windmills were NOT generating electricity increased to record levels last year as the UK’s cable network and storage capacity struggled to keep up with the amount of electricity generated at times of optimum wind conditions. ... Continue reading >>>

The lights are going out across Europe

The EU’s plan for mandatory gas rationing is utterly terrifying.

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The EU’s 27 member states – all modern, advanced industrialised economies, some among the richest in the world – are about to start rationing their energy supplies. This week, at an extraordinary summit, EU members agreed to a European Commission proposal to slash their gas use by a punishing 15 per cent over the next eight months. From August 2022 to March 2023, the lamps will, quite literally, be going out all over Europe. ... Continue reading >>>


How The West's Sanctions On Russia Backfired


We Boggart Bloggers don't like to say, "We Told You So," ............ we absolutely LOVE it.

The strategy adopted by the collectively demented Biden administration in the USA and supported by its allies in NATO and the European Union against Russia in Ukraine is fast proving a total fiasco, sanctioning Russia has backfired on the EU with Germany and several other nations now so short of natural gas for industry and domestic use they are having to introduce rationing. There have also been unintended consequences for international food and fertiliser which will inevitably worsen in the coming months.  ... Continue reading >>>


Boris Johnson's Flagship Net Zero Policy Flops As Few People Take Up Grants To Replace Boilers With Heat Pumps 

An air source heat pump - Picture: ecosolar heating australia

Sometime last year  besotted Boris Johnson  unveiled his flagship policy for heating all our homes with zero emissions heat sourced from ... wait for it ... the cold air outside our homes. Under the Government’s “boiler upgrade scheme”, 'woke' and environmentally conscious homeowners would be able to  apply for vouchers that knock up to £6,000 off the cost of installing heat pumps to transfer heat from outside our homes (on a winter's day,) into our baths, showers and heating systems. 

Now there is nothing wrong with heat pumps, they are simply a refrigerator or air conditioninh unit in reverse and the technology has been around for over a hundred years. And in places like Australia where our picture was taken, they work very well. But in Britain in the depths of winter? ...

Continue reading >>>

Net Zero Is A Dangerous Fantasy, But Scientists Believe In Fairies It Seems
With oil and gas prices rocketing and the highly propted sustainable energy sources performing way befow expectations the energy crisis currently gripping Europe (with worse to come as food shortages start to bite, polticians still seem more intent on pandering to the green lobby and chasing the dream of a fossil fuel free world rather securing the energy and food supplies needed by the people they serve.

New UN Report on Climate Change – Nothing New, Nothing True
The latest United Nations (“UN”) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) report, published this week, once again, in scaremongering tone and the language of the panic stricken, claims that the planet is in peril (we are facing climate disaster, the clock is at one minute to midnight, we must take urgent action to destroy civilisation if we are to save the planet, the usual over - dramatised guff designed to spread fear and panic,) basically the same claim as they have been making at least twice a month for the past 20 years.

We need energy security – not Net Zero
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted a major rethink in the West. We have suddenly found ourselves vulnerable not just to rising prices in oil and gas, but also to inflation in other commodities – such as food and fertiliser. Of all these problems, the security of our energy supply has most exercised minds.

Governments' obsession with climate pseudoscience over economically and social viable solutions is leading to disaster
The government's current obsession with pursuing the target of net zero carbon emissions in order to claim the UK leads the world in green wankery is more to do with virtue signalling that governing, but with the complicity of mainstream media, particularly The BBC, climate scaremongering is providing a convenient diversion from this governments abject failure to address and of the very real economic and social problems facing us.

Globalist Elites Now Pushing For Lockdowns Save You From Climate Change
Elite globalists are now proposing that lockdowns be imposed to protect us punters from climate change. Did we ask for this? Did we vote for this?

Extinction Rebellion Wants To Destroy Civilization, Not Just Fossil Fuels
Readers may find it hard to believe but while our attention has been focused on the coronavirus pandemic, other things have been happening. Recently the eco - crusties of EkSTIMKtion Rebellion have elbowed their way back into out consciousness and now, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, form an unholy trinity of Marxist seditionist groups intent not only on destroying capitalism but destroying civilisation ...

Worst polluting coal and wood fires banned in fight to cut emissions
Domestic coal and certain types of wood are to be banned from sale from next year in a bid to cut air pollution, ministers will announce on Friday.

Is Hatred Of Greta Thunberg Justified?
As the backlash against the Greta Thunberg cult gathers momentum a lot of lefties are asking why the little Climate Warriorette is so hated by so many people. As usual with the left, they are asking the wrong question. Just as they asked, “Why can’t you believe the scientists, when in fact not only is it always legitimate (and scientific,) to question and challenge scientific theory, so it is perfectly rational and logical to challenge the Cult of Saint Greta ....

Ruling Elites support Extinction Rebellion plan for Marxist world to ‘fight climate change’

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