Friday, November 13, 2015

Truth Leaked: US Senator Admists USA and ISIS Are Allies In Mid East

We are not the only blog or alternative news site that has been reporting throughout the year that rather than being an enemy of he USA, ISIS is its ally, a fighting force organized and trained by US agents to fight Obama's proxy war on behalf of his Wahabi Muslim allies against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. (Right: Linday Graham (Image source)

In fact several prominent figures in Washington have admitted it. The latest of these is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, an avowed hawk who supports any US war, anywhere (well war is very good for business), says he would shoot down Russian planes in Syrian airspace in order to protect U.S. backed rebel forces in the region.

“First thing I would do is tell Putin that, if you bomb the people that we train in Syria, I shoot your plane’s down,” the Republican presidential candidate said on AM970 The AnswerTuesday morning, before slamming President Obama for letting the Russian military bomb targets on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“I would tell him, Putin, you’re not going to attack the people we train. I would arm the Ukrainians so they could fight back for their own freedom. I would export natural gas to Europe to undercut his monopoly and I would tell him that Assad’s going to go. We’re gonna deal with ISIL first.”

“I would put Putin on notice that you’re not going to destabilize countries with military intervention,” Graham said.

“I would shoot his planes down, I would literally shoot his planes down if he attacked the people we trained because we have to do that. It is not right by the American president to entice people to come to a fight, train and equip them, side with them on their cause, and sit back and watch them being slaughtered by an adversary of their people and adversary of the United States.”

Clearly Graham has not heard the comments made by a senior military officer on the topic of armed confrontation with Russia. The General said American forces would by anihilated by Russia's superior military technology. And that's just Russia, if the Chinese joined in as they certainly would, the USA and most of Western Europe would not exist in any meaningful sense of the term.


US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Terror Groups In Syria

The idea that ISIS has very close links with the USA has gone beyond conspiracy theory, or anti US propaganda, the proof is out there. We have previously reported on the US government's links to ISIS and revealed the vital role of NATO member Turkey in supporting the terrorists in their campaign which aims to create an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

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