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While Europe Is Still Reeling From The Paris Attacks Another Capital City Is Plunged Into Chaos

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Armed soldiers patrol the streets of the belgian capital

Following a warning last night of an "imminent" terror threat in Brussels security services raised the country's terror alert to the highest level, plunging Europe, still reeling from last weeks carnage in Paris and gripped by fear and panic due to the honest reporting (at last) that the EU's politically correct 'open doors' immigration policy has allowed extremists hostile to European culture and our way of life to infiltrate European societies, the Belgian capital Brussels was in near lockdown today, with unofficial reports suggesting another major terrorist attack had been thwarted.

Yesterday it was reported that the area around the European Headquarters building had been evacuated after a suspect package was found; today the escalation of tensions continued as the Belgian capital was turned into a ghost town after authorities deployed special forces on the streets, closed the metro, locked down shopping areas, cancelled sporting events, and warned the public to avoid crowded places, bus and railway stations and airports because of a "serious and imminent" threat of attack by Islamic extremists.

Reuters reported Brussels was under siege and only a week after the Paris attacks carried out by Islamic State militants, of whom one suspect, an ISIS operative from Brussels is at large and said by authorities to be highly dangerous, panic is starting to drive the actions of decision makers. Belgium has been placed on level "four" alert. the highest in the government's scale of threat, after a meeting of top ministers, police and security services.

"The advice for the population is to avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centers, concerts, events or public transport stations wherever possible," a spokesman for the government said.

army arrive in brussels
Military personnel arrive in Brussels to augment the police force

As Agence France Presse reported earlier, the spike in the terror threat is due to a risk of attacks by "weapons and explosives"

Amid fears the extremists may be planning to use chemical and biological weapons, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel declined to cite the reason why security agencies raised the alert level but told a press conference the government would review the security situation on Sunday afternoon and that the decision to raise the threat level was taken "based on quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris where several individuals with arms and explosives launch actions, perhaps even in several places at the same time." The metro system would remain closed until then he said.

The reason for putting the capital city and most of the nation's transport system under lockdown is that chemicals and explosives found during a police raid on premises in the Vandepeerboom Street area, in notorious the immigrant neighborhood of Molenbeek, a rundown and somewhat ghettoized suburb where Paris attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud was suspected of operating a terrorist cell.

National newspaper L'Echo has more:

A search was conducted on Friday at the home of a suspect placed under arrest, federal prosecutors said on Saturday. Some weapons have been discovered, but no explosives or explosive belt.
The suspect was arrested Thursday in the series of searches carried out in Brussels. The person concerned is suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks and participation in activities of a terrorist group.

The find came as Belgium’s capital entered a security lockdown. The government has warned that there could be a repeat of Paris-style attacks in the country’s capital, prompting the closure of subways in Brussels and the deployment of heavily armed police and soldiers. Brussels has emerged as the operational centre for the terrorists who planned and carried out last weeks attacks.

the daily stirrer
Normally crowded with Saturday shoppers and strollers, the streets and squares of Brussels are deserted

All this could have been avoided of course had the university brainwashed elites just listened to public opinion instead of dismissing as 'racist' the complaints that many recent Muslim migrants from the middle east and Africa simply did not want to be integrated into western societies and held our laws and values in contempt.

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French Legislator Proposes Alliance With Russia to Prevent More Attacks

After the terrorist bombings in Brussels yesterday Europe went into a kind of meltdown as various politicians competed to show who was the most clueless on how to deal with terror and Muslim extremism, which has been imported into the streets of European cities by the idiotic, politically correct, open doors immigration policy imposed on most member nations by the bureaucrats who run the EU.

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