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US 'Mission Creep' In Syria Nudges World Towards War

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Anyone who was paying attention understood back in 2011 that the United States government was supporting rebels in Syria as part of a long standing policy for the middle east that included regime change in Syria. The ultimate aim was to depose the secular, Shi'ite Assad regime and clear the way for a direct pipeline from Sunni Muslim theocracies on the Persian Gulf to oil Terminals on the Mediterranean coast of Sunni Muslim 'Republic' Turkey.

It was clear even then (to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see - borrowing a phrase from that regions historic traditions,) that Washington had backed well armed and well trained sectarian extremists to take on Assad's forces and install a regime of Imams and Princelings hand picked by the despotic monarchy in Saudi Arabia.

What US policymakers failed to factor into their plans was the resolve the Syrian government, the Syrian Arab Army, and the Syrian people themselves had to defeat this conspiracy. Though the conspiracy, and the loyalty to Assad of a majority of Syrians was revealed as early as 2007 by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in a keynote article for the New Yorker

In the text, Hersh revealed that the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel were determined to build a proxy army of sectarian extremists aligned with or sympathetic to Al Qaeda (a Sunni Muslim terrorist grouping), for the purpose of undermining and overthrowing the nations of Syria and Iran.

The fact that Al Qaeda is controlled from the main IS ally in the middle east, Saudi Arabia, does not prove the US Government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks but certainly give a lot of credibility to 'conspiracy theorists' who claim it was so.

By 2011, with Libya already flattened by a NATO-backed FUKUS axis 'humanitaran' bombing campaign, the US State Department was busy transferring terrorists armed with US weapons from Benghazi and Eastern Europe to Turkey where they would be, armed, trained, and sent Syria.

When the US sponsored proxy war failed to dislodge Asaad from Damascus, a totally bogus case for a ground invasion by the FUKUS axis (France, the UK and the USA) was thwarted – again - when Syria’s allies – Russia, China, and Iran warned that any NATO attacks on Syrian military or strategic targets would meet united resistance. the idiot ex rent-boy Obama stamped an angry 'likkle' girlieman foot and ordered US warships to blockade Syrian ports, they arrived in the Mediterranean to find Russian, Chinese and Iranian ships already there. The Pentagon was awakened to the realities of what would happen if NATO directly attacked Syria. The US air force continued to launch ineffectual airstrikes against ISIS, but of course never wanted to destroy the force it had created (ISIS). The Obama administration's main (only?) goal was to depose Assad so the Saudis could get their pipeline to Turkey. And so things continued for a while as Obama's attempts to neutralised Russia by undermining their oil and gas dependent economy backfired with catastrophic social and economic effects for US citizens.

When Russia entered the conflict directly, the situation changed dramatically. Direct intervention by the West against Assad's forces became a non starter, the US bombing campaign was exposed as a sham, USAF air strikes had not been hitting obvious ISIS targets because these were in Pentagon jargon, 'our military assets'. So the phoney war against the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) which had been mainly confined to hitting IS fighters trying to destabilise the 'US Asset' puppet government in Iraq (which actually wields power only in Baghdad's Presidential compound) was replaced by real Russian-led war, with ground support from Iranian troops on the terrorist group.

With Russia in the war the mystery (only to western governments and mainstream media) of who had been funding and supplying ISIS as a fighting force was quickly solved. Russia began bombing ISIS supply lines stretching out of NATO-member and wannabe E U member Turkey. The dodgy regime of Turkey's Sunni Muslim, Islamist President Erdogan had long protected by NATO but western posturing as the guys in white hats went up in a cloud of black, oily smoke from road tankers heading for ports in Turkey(there are no white hats involved in this mess - Russia's actions are unashamedly self - interested, the western allies and Turkey are equally self interested buy hypocritically claim they are working for the greater good.)

Russian warplanes and Syrian troops have likewise made significant gains near borders they once were deterred from approaching because of NATO treachery. It is rapidly becoming clear however that the USA wants a war with Russia so long as it does not involve Washington firing the first shot (US military / industrial complex needs to be able to claim the moral high ground in order to sell the sacrifices involved in war to American voters. The latest stage of escalation is therefore yet another round of provocations using Turkey as the proxy agent.

Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syrian airspace, with Turkish sponsored terrorists machine gunning one of the pilots as he parachuted from the stricken plane – a blatant war crime – and the subsequent ambush of a rescue helicopter which resulted in the death of a Russian Marine, was a major provocation to which Russia has responded with admirable restraint (so far). While the United States has tried to distance itself from Turkey’s actions, it is obvious Turkey would not have risked confrontation with Russia's military might without coordinating it with the USA and NATO.

Calculating that only a direct military attack on Assad by US or NATO forces will elicit the desired response from The Kremlin, Washington has to keep trying. As yet unconfirmed reports indicate that the US itself has struck Syrian troops near Deir ez Zor City, Deir ez Zor province. The reports also claim that the US airstrike, alleged by the Syrian government to have killed several of the terror groups soldiers, was followed by a coordinated counterattack by ISIS guerillas.

In weeks before these incident, US Senators, Principally Lindsay Graham and John McCain, openly called for US pilots to be ordered to shoot down Russian planes suspected of attacking US backed rebels in Syria. The Third World War has started it seems, unrepoted in mainstream media and without the blaring trumpets and unfurled oriflammes that signalled the march to previous wars.

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US Mission Creep In Syria nudges World Towards War

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