Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Does Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel's Open Border Policy Break The Law

Opposition to the government of anti - European Islamophiliac German leader Angela Merkel is growing in Germany (Image source)

Back in October we reported that a group of concerned German citizens had launched a bid to impeach the German Chancellor Angela Merkel because her 'open doors' immigration policy and insistence that Germany should admit without question and welcome every person who arrives in the country without valid travel documents. Merkel's efforts to make German's change they lifestyle, and German women change the way they dress because some long established European traditions 'insult Islam' have gone down like a lead Zepplin too.

Since then the immigrant crisis in Germany has worsened and the mass rape and sexual assault of German women by Muslim males from north Africa and the middle east in Cologne and other cities at New Year have made the public mood very ugly and may prove to be a turning point in the efforts of European ruling elites to impose Islamic culture on secular and Christian nations.

In yesterday's news we learned that not only are more organisations calling for Merkel's impeachment and removal from office, but that a German federal judge has declared the increasingly dictatorial chancellor's immigration policy unlawful.

In a thread on that story and the anti social behaviour of Koranderthal immigrants Merkel's government has allowed to flood into Germany (which we will report fully later,) I found this little gem by a commenter using the name Dexy:

The nazi in her commie cape
Cried: My, don't I look splendid!
Hitler's joke and Marx's jape,
So skilfully I've blended.
Through ruthless robbery and rape,
All good folk I've offended.
But I'll sell 'em all to the mozlem ape
Before the year is ended.

Very funny, though I'm sure lefties will insist that Hitler, who called his party The German National Socialist Worker Party was not a socialist because socialists are cuddle and egalitarian. Poor lefties, they've never read any history, only propaganda, and thus are ignorant of the similarities between Hitler's regime ans those of Joe Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot.

Latest Fashion Trend: European Women in Hijab
Europe's Immigration Crisis (October / November / December 2015)

Mainstram Media Finally wake Up To Migrant Crisis

In a move that will leave many of its shocked and disoriented, The Sun, the tabloid of tits and trivia today woke up to the immigration crisis that is threatening the social stability of European nations and reported some real news.

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