Tuesday, January 12, 2016

France’s Slide Into Martial Law

Paris already looks like a city under martial law (Image source)

Boggart Abroad tries to bring to readers controversial and unorthodox views on stories that are either sanitised or ignored by mainstream media. This means we tackle some very serious topics although we like to throw in satire and irony from time to time. This is in contrast to the Original Boggart Blog (now residing on Wordpress since the original platform closed) which was a cynical satirical and sometimes surreally comical blog dedicated to bursting the bubble in which the politicians, public relations agents and media luvvies who influence public opinion while not in touch with the general public's reality.

One of the stories we reported recently concerned the way the socialist government in France is using the November 2016 terrorist attacks to push the country towards Martial law and full government control of the media. This was initially disguised by Francois Hollande's government as a clampdown on 'conspiracy theories' that damage national security. In truth the 'conspiracy theories' governments want to ban could only possibly damage national security if they are close to the truth while official narratives put out by government propaganda departments is completely incredible.

The terrorist attacks in Paris were used by the French, British and German governments as justification for joining military strikes in Syria and by Barack Hussein Obama's wretched administration as an excuse to curtail free speech by outlawing comment which criticised Islamic extremism. The outrage was also used as justification by the French government to severely restrict freedoms at home. As we reported, in the wake of the November 13 attacks, the French government began closing down alternative news sites.

Activists hoping to demonstrate in support of or against Carbon Taxes at last month’s Climate Conference in Paris were disappointed to learn that France’s state of emergency also included a ban on protests. Some French politicians are pushing to install GPS trackers in rental cars, re-write the Constitution to allow for martial law, block free wifi and Tor, and combine state databases, which would give the state access to citizens’ personal medical records although none of these actions would have prevented the attacks.

Amnesty International, expressed concern that the Government had imposed martial law in response to the terrorist attack. Along with many French bloggers, they are right to fear for freedom and democracy in France, and I am once again reminded of the warning given by Austrian economist Josef Schumpeter, that "socialism always leads to fascism." Isn’t a restriction of freedoms handing victory to jihadists whose cause implied hatred of western values? John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director of Europe and Central Asia, said in November: “It is a paradox to suspend human rights in order to defend them.”

Many bloggers agreed and said they were scared about the situation in France. One wrote:

“I’m currently living in Paris, the city where some fanatics killed people because they were listening to music, watching a football match, or simply enjoy beers in a bar. I was living in the neighbourhood of where those tragic event happened. Now I’m scared.
I’m not scared of terrorists.
I’m scared of my own country.
I’m scared because different is now starting to mean dangerous.”

"It seems that being an ecologist is enough to get house arrest. Before its 20th November reform, this sentence was reserved to people ‘whose activity is dangerous’, now it’s ‘serious reason to believe that his behaviour constitutes a threat’. We’re almost at the thought crime of George Orwell's '1984'."

France’s emergency measures were reported by the mainstream media HERE, HERE and HERE but there was little analysis or debate about whether they are justified: the myth we have to trade in our freedoms to get security has become a normal part of everyday life.

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