Friday, February 12, 2016

NATO Rhetoric About Russian Threat is 'Absurd'

This blog does not agree with the 'Jewish' bit (American warmongering is a multi - faith project) otherwise this poster just about sums up the US approach to foreign relations (Image source)

The reasons being given for the latest NATO military buildup in Eastern Europe, the idea that the Russian 'Russian threat' to Eastern Europe grows every day is "simply absurd," according to former US diplomat and Senate policy advisor Jim Jatras. Effectively, Jatras says, the buildup is an attempt by the US to keep Germany and France on board with Washington's world domination agenda and move closer to fulfilling the military - industrial complex ambition of making huge profits from a shooting war between NATO and the Russian - Chinese alliance.

On Wednesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance intends to strengthen its military presence on Europe's eastern flank. Stoltenberg described the plan for increased air and naval patrols, more joint military exercises, and "more boots on the ground," as "the most significant steeping up of Europe's collective defense since the end of the Cold War."

Responding to Stoltenberg, former US diplomat Jim Jatras, a long-time foreign policy adviser to the US Senate Republican leadership, told the Russian foreign broadcaster RT that Washington's main aim appears to be to prevent a rapprochement between Moscow and Europe.

"Let's remember, NATO is an American-run operation. And I think what we are seeing here is the US teaming up with some of our newer allies in the East – the Poles, the Balts, the Romanians, to some extent the Turks – to try to make sure that there is not a rapprochement between some of the core members, like Germany and France, with Moscow," Jatras explained.

"And this unfortunately means escalating tensions, playing silly games with whether the deployment in Eastern Europe will be a 'rotation' or permanent deployment as the Poles would like," the foreign policy analyst added.

"I think this is simply more brinksmanship and more escalation of tension for NATO to justify its existence."

We have previously reported that the leaders of Germany, France and leaders of other E U nations whose economies have been hurt by US imposed sanction on Russia and whose people are sick of US warmongering and interference in the domestic politics of smaller nations see Russia as potentially a less demanding and more trustworthy trading partner than the USA.

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Elsewhere: [ The Daily Stirrer, current month ] ... [[Boggart Blog]...[Little Nicky Machiavelli]... [ Ian's Authorsden Pages ]... [Scribd]...[Wikinut] ... [ Boggart Abroad] ... [ Grenteeth Bites ] ... Ian Thorpe at Flickr ] ... [ Tumblr ] ... [Ian at Minds ] ... [ The Original Boggart Blog] ... [ Authorsden blog ]hurt by US imposed sanctions on Russia and who are sick of Washington's constant warmongering see Russia as a less domineering and treaty breaking partner than the USA.

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