Thursday, April 14, 2016

Low And Middle Income Whites and Blacks Feel Threatened As Crime Soars Under Obama

News out today reveals another social catastrophe to chalk up to the cedit of the failed Obama administration.

A growing number of low-income American citizens, with African-Americansprominent among them, feel increasingly threastened by soaring crime rate, particularly violent and sexual crimes, according to a new poll.

The poll also reveals there is little extra concern declared by upper-income, managerial and professional class , Democratic-supporting Americans about rising crime in their neighborhoods. So in spite of all that 'soaring rhetoric' (with the personal pronouns strongly emphasised, in which Obama promised "I" will work to crease a post racial society in MY country," and bollocks like that,the corporate owned Obama administration has in fact reintroduced a kind of segregation.

The poll, conducted by Gallup, found that 53 percent of respondents now “worry a great deal” about rising crime and violence. That is a rapid rise — in 2014, just 39 percent were worried a” great deal” by crime.

Among swing-voting independents, concern rose from 36 percent to 53 percent, while the number of Republicans, seriously worried rose 15 points up to 53 percent, bringing it level with the 52 percent concern among Democrats.

Seventy percent of people with high-school level education but only 32 percent of people with college degrees said they were worried a great deal about crime. Those two numbers have risen by 20 points and 1 point, respectively, since 2014.

Concern among middle-income people has risen by 20 points since 2014, up to 57 percent. Among upper-income people, concern has apparently risen by only eight points, to merely 36 percent.

Donald Trump, whose populist stance has made him front runner for the Republican Presidential candidacy has made the rising crime-rate a major plank in his campaign platform. Last year Trump angered liberals when he said the USA needs to “give power back” to our police officers in order to fight the rising crime. He added to that claim when he said "police are the most mistreated people in America."

Trump has been so pro-police he even claimed he’d support a policy of making the death penalty mandatory for killing police officers.

But when the numbers are broken down farther it appears non-white respondents are far more worried than whites. Forty-six percent of whites worry a great deal about crime, but 68 percent of non-whites are worried a great deal. As Paul Mirengoff of Powerline commented, "The reason for the disparities seems obvious. Crime, violence, and drugs afflict nonwhite communities more than white ones."

This is perhaps because infiltration by 'liberals' and leftists has politicised both the legal establishment and the political bodies which oversee policing, making politically correct action paramount, thus justice is no longer blind but sees no further than the colour of the perpetrator's skin.

Gallup has asked the same poll questions on crime question since 2001. At that time 62 percent said they worried a great deal about crime but by 2002 it had fallen to 49 percent. By 2014 it fell even further to only 39 percent.


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