Thursday, April 14, 2016

Four Hundred Thousand Premature Deaths Due To Climate Change

Scottish nationalist Party MEP took issue with carbon dioxide driven climate change sceptic James Delingpole recently, complaing  in an article for breitbart London titled:

‘McBerk’ Fires Back At Delingpole: ‘Whether You Believe In Climate Change Or Not, Something Has To Be Done To Save Lives’

Cars are driving climate change says Ian (McBerk) Duncan MEP who commutes between Scotland, Brusseks and Strasbourg by jet airliner. (Image source)

.... the European Union (EU) had expended considerable effort to limit emissions from industry and little effort limiting emissions from transport which is responsible for 25 per cent of all greenhouse gases. While Eurocrats worked to close various coal-fired power stations they seemed blithely indifferent to the fact that their headquarters was located on one of the most polluted streets in Europe. You can read my article here.
I noted that some pretty generous subsidies had failed to turn drivers on to electric cars, and that year on year the electric share of the EU fleet was actually falling. I’ve written before about electric cars, noting that since electricity is still generated mostly from hydrocarbons (often coal), then the cars are still pretty much fuelled by fossils. Check out the article here.
It was therefore something of a surprise when James Delingpole skidded his car to a halt in the pages of this publication, belching out the most noxious nonsense I have read in some time. I was accused of being, in no particular order, a Euro-technocrat living the ‘dream’, a ‘McBerk’ who didn’t understand the significance of fossil fuels, the reason why Conservatives have left the Party, an EU ‘inner’ and someone about to become an ‘Insect Overlord’ of the EU.
Where to begin?
As a geologist and former employee of BP, I am aware of the importance of hydrocarbons to the functioning of our world, all the more so as a Scottish MEP; the North Sea remains vital to our economy. Despite the claims of many, we are not but a small step away from full decarbonisation, and no where is this more evident than in transport sector: there are 240 million vehicles in the EU, with only 419,000 powered by electricity ...

Later in the article Mr. Duncan says:


Yet perhaps the most important figure in the debate is this: 400,000 premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year across the EU. That’s almost the population of Edinburgh. So, no matter whether you believe climate change is real or not, something needs to be done to save lives now.

The first thing that struck me was use of the phrase 'premature deaths'. Short of war, murder, catastrophe or fatal accidents, people die of disease or age related health failure. Nobody can predict how long an individual will live, thus unless Mr. Duncan means that some 400,000 people in whom death has occurred before they have actually turned up their toes are still walking around. What an amazing idea, someone should make a TV series out of it, the show would run for years.

On a more serious note however, the writer needs to explain what he means by 'air pollution'? Is he one of those unscientific scientists who has been brainwashed into believing totally harmless Carbon Dioxide is not only an 'air pollutant' but the only air pollutant?

In fact it is typical of the global warming lobby's institutioonalised dishonesty that they conflate atmospheric CO2 with air pollution. They are not the same thing. Premature deaths are of course subjective....40,000 ACTUAL deaths (as recorded by medical professionals and public notaries every winter in Europe....
are caused by energy poverty, due to sky high energy costs imposed by political pressure from green zealots ... we could save those live!

Duncan's whole article is based on the false premise that equates the clean, natural and necessary for life, carbon dioxide, an essential constituent of our atmosphere, with air pollution. Assuming for a moment the suspiciously round number of 'premature deaths' to be correct, wouldn't that have more to do with the EU's drive towards diesel vehicles at the expense of much cleaner (but slightly more CO2 emitting) petrol vehicles?

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