Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Stuff Gayvid Cameroink Will Not Tell You About Remaining In The EU

BoJo Was Correct – The EU Was A Nazi Idea12 things UK voters need to know before voting in the EU referendum
from Maj. Graham W Lear (ret'd)

1. If Britain stays in the EU, within the next 6 years we will convert to the Euro. The Pound is and always will be the stronger currency and is a reserve currency, why would we change this?

2. Britain has one of the most professional and strongest armed forces in the world, why would we want to rely a European army?

3. Britain and Germany are the only two countries in Europe that bring in a positive balance of money, of course Europe don't want Britain to leave.

4. 1 in 5 European Union officials get paid twice as much as the British prime minister.

5. People think we control our borders, we don't, we just security check them as we are an Island. If you have a European passport you are eligible to come in to the UK and why wouldn't you if you could have a better life there than in your own country? Not a problem but Britain is an island and can only hold so many people.

6. Thousands of laws a year are implemented in the UK every year from the EU, most of which are irrelevant to the British people but the British Parliament have NO say whatsoever!

7. For every pound the EU spend on certain projects, we have to pay them double!

8. Free trade deals - free? I was under the impression we paid £50 million pounds a day to stay in! That's nearly £13 billion pounds a year!!!! Surely this could go towards our NHS, or is this the next step, European healthcare?

9. People wondering why we joined in the first place? - it was originally called the European Common Market when we joined in 73 and was all about trade, over the years it has become political and is the reason why the British people are calling for a vote - they don't want to lose their identity and want to have their own say!

10. Trade deals - the EU has restricted us from trading with China, India etc. If Britain leaves, Britain will have plenty of opportunities to agree trade deals all over the world including Europe. Look at the money Britain spends! 5th strongest economical country in the world!

11. Leaving the EU will give more jobs, higher pensions, higher wages, it's own democracy and hopefully save the world's best health service!

12. Staying in the EU means you will have no extra charges on your phone bill whilst on holiday! Who cares? Half the country can't afford a holiday as most of the money is tied up in a union where the country have to pay £13 billion a year and have nothing to show for it.And let's not forget the TTIP our brilliant NHS The yanks secretly want to take off us!!!.

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