Friday, July 15, 2016

Coup In Turkey? Helicopters, Military Jets Reported Flying Over Capital; Army, Tanks Deployed

by Ian R Thorpe

Fortunately I was out most of the day and so was catching up on posting the gang's submissions and suggestions. I'm not usually online this late on a Friday.

Reports are coming in on the news wires of an attempted coup in Turkey. It must be stressed none of this is confirmed but the sources, Reuters and Agence France Presse (AFP) are more reliable than most and they are reporting the sounds of shooting and explosions in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with military jets and helicopters having been sighted overflying the city. According to Reuters, gunfire could be heard in the streets while bridges heading into Istanbul have been currently shut down.

According to local media reports, citing a pro-government newspaper, this is an attempted coup.

This news story will obviously be unfolding overnight, we will report more tomorrow because it is the time when in civilised counties, bottles of wine are opened.

Just as a smug little sign off though, we reported the liklihood of a coup in Turkey back in March, when President Erdogan transferred legislative power from the democraticallyish elected government to himself.

Will There Be A Coup In Turkey?


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