Saturday, December 12, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

Blogging here for the past couple of months has been pretty bleak as events in Syria, Turkey andthe middle east have dominated the news. But the season to be jolly is almost upon us and it's time we all had a laugh, well all of us except the guy in this story:

Alligator Eats Florida Burglary Suspect Hiding From Cops

Never smile at a Crocodile (the picture is fake I'm assured) (Source)

Down in Florida, ABC 13 news reports, police have concluded that a man suspected of burglary and on the run from officers escaped justice in a rather novel way.

Matthew Riggins, 22, alleged to have been responsible for a string of burglaries in Brevard County in November 2015 was spotted with a likely accomplice by police officers on the morning of 13 November, but the crooks escaped on foot and hid in a swamp. Officers who set off in pursuit failed to find them

Police searching the area later reported hearing yelling but were unable to determine the source as night had fallen. Ten days later, human remain, identified by DNA tests as having once been attached to Riggins were found floating in Barefoot Bay lake.

Divers sent to recover the remains encountered an 11-foot alligator which had shreds of human flesh (later proved to be a DNA match with the bits of Riggins the 'gator had not swallowed) behaved aggressively towards them (or perhaps mistook them for the next meal). Florida authorities called sent an Alligator to capture the creature. Official reports say it was shot. Sources with the state police department say it was recruited and given the rank 'Termigator'.

A coroners report concluded Riggins was attacked by the 11-foot gator while hiding from authorities in the 'gator infested lake and recorded a verdict of death by stupidity.


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