Sunday, February 21, 2016

Democrats About To Disintegrate Over Sanders Success.

Brandon English - a democratic Party backroom boy decicated to promotinmg racial division in the US to the Democrats advantage.

So Bernie Sanders did not win the Democratic Party Caucus In Nevada. No surprise given Hillary Clinton's supposed popularity among black and 'Hispanic'* voters, what is surprising according to many US political pundits and statistics geeks was that given the huge lead Hillary was given in opinion polls just a few weeks ago, that Bernie came so close to scoring an upset.

More interesting though is that the Democratic Party, the party of race hustlers, identity politics players, sexual minorities, the snip and tuck community and other synthetic demographics, and hand winging, breast beating, attention seeking emotional retards, is about to tear itself apart over the emergence of a feasible candidate who tends to say what he means while the standard for Democrat politicians speaking on controversial issues in recent years has been mealy mouthed equivocation.

Some say the Republican establishment is having daily panic attacks over its frontrunner, a candidate who should be no more than a sideshow, when it comes to Bernie Sanders' surprisingly strong performance to date, the Democrat party is in a similar sort of tizzy. Hillary Clinton's primary campaign, which was supposed to be a procession leading up to the coronation of the anointed one, has been anything but. Sanders stormed New Hampshire, lost Iowa on the toss of six coins (all of which landed heads up - hmmmmmmm), and now has run Hillary close in a state she was expected to win in a canter.

Time for the Democratic Nomination Committee to stick the boot in Sanders you might think. Well they seem to think so to, but they are doing it with all the ham fisted incompetence that has typifies the Obama administrations efforts.

As the Hill reports, a former deputy executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Friday lashed out at presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in a post on Medium titled "Go fuck yourself, Bernie."

The post, by Brandon English, was in response to Sanders implying that rival Hillary Clinton, in praising President Obama, was playing the race card in order to "win support from the African American community where the President is enormously popular."

English, a black American who was profiled two years ago by Politico, emerging as one of the most race obsessed people in US politics, the stereotypical angry black man with not just a chip but a server farm's worth of Intel 4 core, 64 bit processors on his shoulder. English was not happy that anyone at all, let alone a Democratic Party candidate would be criticising the USA's first black president: "It’s not just Black people that love Obama. The President is 'enormously popular' among all Democrats. Welcome to the Party," former DCCC official Brandon English wrote in his post.

"Do you have any idea how belittling it is to reduce Obama to the President that the Blacks like?" English noted that both Sanders and Clinton have been attempting to curry favor among black voters.

If, as English says, it is belittling to reduce Obama to 'The President only blacks like', then why does Obama himself start channeling Richard Pryor when he is addressing an audience of 'black folks'? When I hear him go into that faux ghetto patois I half expect him to start singing "Way down upon de Swannee Ribber".

As an impartial observer, albeit on who in 2008 warned that Obama was backed by neocons, hedge fund controllers and certain foreign governments, (yes I do use the dark web and no, it's not all goat porn, snuff movies and terrorist sites,) all I can say is if English thinks Obama is enormously popular with black voters, my recent reading on US social problems suggests this aparatchik is as deluded as President Obama himself.

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