Thursday, February 11, 2016

Politically Correct Insanity: Students Banned from Using “Mom” or “Dad” Because It’s Not “Inclusive”

 No more Mom and Dad, no more son and daughter and no more Grand Dad and Grand Ma. The Gay BLTs might feel excluded.(Source)

Slowly but surely our language is being stolen from us by the most sinister and menacing manifestation of Marxist authoritarianism ever, the  Politically Correct Though Police. Their strictures, imposed in the name of equality and multicultiralism become more ridiculouis day by day. Pretty soon we aren’t going to be able to use very many words anymore or do anything because we might (GASP!) offend someone.

We live in a world where cocaine addicted ex rent-boys can rise to high office and then lecture the general population on equality and gay rights while signing executive orders for the killing by drone attack of innocent third world peasants, blowing up children, women and old people with drones and calling them collateral damage in  wars started for the purpose of securing power for the elite while making profit for the military - industrial complex.

Social engineering has turned average people into walking arguments that the film Idiocracy was actually a documentary, busily wasting their time fretting over how potentially offensive otherwise innocuous words are.

Human beings are mammals. A female mammal who has children has traditionally been called a “mother” or “mom,” to separate this mammal linguistically from the male version, who has traditionally been called a “dad” or “father”.

Well, not anymore in one Florida college classroom where a professor has decided that language is offensive because it isn’t “inclusive” enough.

The syllabus explains that this means replacing the words “boyfriend”/”girlfriend” with the more inclusive “partner” or “significant other.” The rule applies to conversations about married couples too: saying “husband” or “wife” is forbidden. Even the words “mom” and “dad” have a more “inclusive” alternative — students are told to use the word ‘family” instead.

So there is no such thing as a “mom” or a “dad” or a “husband” or a “wife” in that
PC brainwashing labclassroom. Sounds like a good place for a mime to hang out…
By using the new words, the college explains, students will be using speech that “is inclusive of alternative orientations and family structures, and free of stereotypes.”
Find one person walking around on this planet who didn’t have a mother and a father, if even only at the moment they were born? They got here somehow.

Pretty soon the only way to be “free of stereotypes” will be to not speak at all.
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