Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Politician Blasts Conviction For Speaking The Truth On Anti-Semitism In Europe

by Egbert Nobakon

Danish stupidity meets Muslim anti - Semitism - a cartoon ruled offensive to Muslims in Denmark (Image source)

A Danish politician has been reprimanded for posting comments on Twitter about the-much-commented-on-in-mainstream-media resurgence of anti semitism in Europe. Apparently while hand wringing and breast beating about violent attacks on Jewish people and vandalising premises of Jewish owned businesses is fine, stating the absolutely effing obvious by linking the Europe migrant crisis to this new wave of anti Semitism is a criminal offence. receiving a fine from the high court for pointing out Muslim anti-Semitism.

Veteran Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkpartei, DF) politician and retired parliamentarian Mogens Camre tweeted in 2014 “Regarding the Jews’ situation in Europe: The Muslims are continuing where Hitler left off. Only the same treatment Hitler received will change the situation… forces in the Islamic world who threaten non-Muslims should be fought like Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Gadaffi were”. Camre's tweets were prompted by the comments of the Israeli ambassador to Berlin that year, who compared the persecution of Jews by Muslims in Europe to the situation in 1938.

The case was initially tried before Denmark's lower court but after it found against him, Mr. Camre took it to the high court, which on Monday ruled his remarks were against Danish racism laws and enforced the £800 fine. Speaking immediately after hearing the judgement, Camre said the 1939 law he was convicted under had been twisted by political correctness and should be abolished.

He also said the right of every 'man on the street' to express an opinion on many important matters was being deliberately targeted.

Mr. Camre also explained events leading up to his conviction:

“After this tweet a few days later a Palestinian fellow was released from jail. He had got a jail sentence of six years – and six years in Denmark really means it was a serious crime. He had committed narcotic and violent offences, and the verdict was after his release he should be extradited from Denmark.

“But then the wonderful declaration on human rights came in. And so because of his human rights he could not be sent home.

“This man wrote a letter to the police saying he felt threatened by me. I have no army, and no soldiers but he felt threatened! That caused the prosecutor to file a complaint against me”.

"In reality case was about more than just the hurt feelings of one Palestinian political activist," remarked Mr. Camre. He said: "The purpose of this verdict is to shut the mouth of everyone who would offend against our new wonderful imported culture from the Middle East.

“If you express yourself in academic language, and you report the facts of the situation in Europe nobody can do anything against it. But if you speak in a common language that any man in the street can understand, then there is a feeling there should be a reaction, that it would cause hatred between ordinary people and the muslim immigrants.

The law Mr. Camre has been persecuted under was passed after the Second World War Nazi occupation as does his family fight against "oppression, wherever it comes from". With some pride Mr. Camre describes how his father fought against the Nazis in the Danish resistance, and it is clear he feels he is doing the same good work by opposing the Muslims who are oppressing Jews.

Unfortunately we people of Europe have allowed spineless, shit - sucking Marxist creeps to infiltrate our political, public service and judicial elites. and they are quite happy to kiss Muslim arse by pandering to Islamic racism while punishing anybody who makes perfectly reasonable criticism of the anti - social behaviour so common among Muslims.


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