Monday, March 21, 2016

Obama: US and Iran have major differences.

President Obama shows Iran's Ayatollahs who is the boss

So what happened to Obama's great deal with Iran you might well ask? Didn't the great peacemaker and joybringer proclaim not long ago that he had created peace and understanding between the USA and Iran? Perhaps the Iranians (very intelligent people dominated by religious nuts) worked out that every country with which Obama claims he has created peace and understanding is the next to be blitzed by American bombs and drone strikes.

Back in January The Prez Dude was claiming he had 'brought peace to Syria' just before the Russians and Iranians grew tired of US pussyfooting around pretending to fight the ISIS rebels the CIA was sponsoring and finished off the job Obama never really started.

Now this:

US President Barack Obama says Washington continues to have profound differences with Iran despite a historic nuclear deal signed between Tehran and the P+1 group of countries.

Obama, who was delivering a message to the Iranian people on the eve of the Persian New Year, Nowruz, said the two countries can still work to expand people-to-people contacts.

Obama has delivered new year’s greetings to the Iranian people from the White House since his first year in office in 2009.

Obama said that although the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all disputes between the United States and Iran, it nonetheless opened a new window of dialog.

Read more at Press TV

There was not much sign of dialogue when Iran's Revolutionary Guards were routing the Obama backed, Washinton sponsored Free Syrian Army and thwarting Obama's ambition to depose President Assad and open the way for a pipeline from Persian Gulf oilfields to oil terminals on the Mediterranean coast.


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