Saturday, March 05, 2016

So What Was All That Fuss About Donald Trump and the KKK

Ku Klux Klan supporters (one wearing a Lone Ranger mask from fear people will recognise him through the hood. The Klan's alleged support for Donald Trump is no more significant than a gnat's fart. (Image source)

According to the media before the 'Super Tuesday' Republican Primaries,the tide was going to turn against Donald Trump because racism. What had triggered this latest attempt to smear the maverick front runner with the even more maverick haircut was, as we British bloggers found out after several days of totally indifference because we are accustomed to how easily moved to near hysteria the liberal media in the USA are, was that somebody who used to be the Great Panjandrum or something of the Ku Klux Klan had endorsed The Donald.

What the media suggested would turn voters off supporting Trump was that the language he used in responding to the endorsement was not angry or hateful enough. WTF?

If there was any suggestion Donald Trump had sought or welcomed the support of this irrelevant character then there is a case to be made against him. However a candidate has no control over who publicly supports him unless that person is an attention seeker who has attained a little fame or notoriety and uses that to grab a little more public attention.

For all we know Charles Manson might support Bernie Sanders, or Mark Chapman could be a Hillary Clinton fan. Who cares? All that is happening here is the left, those illiberals and authoritarian people who call themselves liberals, who tell us they believe in logic and reason, have nothing with which to oppose Trump other than anger, hatred and increasingly desperate attempts to discredit him. It's ironic that what would stop Trump is a decent candidate, someone with real charisma rather than naked ambition, with a track record of committment to public service rather than a track record of servicing the bank accounts of their families and cronies. Neither democrats nor Republicans can find anybody who fits the bill and fits their political philosophy it seems. (Bernie Sanders may have the track record of public service but he is a socialist.)

But credit where it is due, Donald Trump is a smart enough businessman to know that the public are not stupid or infantile, they don't need to be told what to think to. If anyone is stupid and infantile it is the liberals who are getting their knickers in a twist over yet another non event.


Mac Slavo of Discovers Real Reason Why Trump Scares The Establishment

So if Trump is in fact as liberal as the corporate sock puppet Obama, what is it about him that has the ruling elite so scared the corporate owned mainstream media are resorting to desperate measures to discredit him while politicians plot increasing unfeasible ways to stop him becoming president.

Republican Party Hierachy Meltdown Over Trump?
Whatever it may or may not have achieved, the obviously management - approved intervention of 'Captain Underpants' Mitt Romney who urged Republicans to unite against Donald Trump did not go down well with some parts of the US Media. Here's an extract of somebody called Judge Jeanine, letting rip at the Party's ruling cabal for simply not getting it.

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