Sunday, December 04, 2016

MSM Admits Soros Donated $10 Million This Week… Guess Where It Went

As the attempt to block Donald Trump's ascent to the US presidency by humiliated Green Party candidate in the US election, Jill Stein, blunders on, making lawyers rich and the USA look even more ridiculous in the eyes of the world, an unexpected relevation this weekend shines a very different light on Stein's willingness to act as a proxy for The Clinton Crime Syndicate in their fraudulent attempts to overturn the election result and usurp the presidency using lawyers' trickery.

As Jill Stein continued her efforts to raise raising $7 Million dollars to fund her fight against legal barriers put in place by the Attorney's General of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the three recount states, to her efforts to demand a hand recount (thus making it easier for Clinton supporters to incorrectly reassign votes) for a recount, we have lwaened Mainstream Media sources have admitted that George Soros, the billionaire communist who likes to meddle in the political destinies of nations has this week personally donated $10 Million to fight Trump.

Jill Stein just moved her recount fund raising goal from $4 million to $7 million. It is not certain where the rest of the Soros money has gone but Soros funds many anti - democratic 'charities' such as Black Lives Matter, Move On and Democracy Alliance so it is reasonable to assume these groups will be involved in efforts to destablised US society. One hopes, for the sake of ordinary Americans, that President Trump will banish Soros from US territory and order the winding up of all organisations linked to his operation, as Vladimir Putin banished Soros and his cronies from Russia earlier this year.

Supporters of The Clinton Crime Syndicate, Barack Obama, the US Democratic Party and other 'progressive groups' will scream this is a violation of the right of fre speech. However, in no democratic nation does the right of free speech include the right to forment rebellion.

News of the Soros / Clinton attempt to subvert the democratic process comes as the outrage on social media over Soros involvement in anti-Trump protests has grown so loud that even the usually globalist - friendly the corporate media has been forced to cover it.As part of a damage control exercise on behalf of the Globalist billionaire, The Clintons and The Democrats (the naive Stein has been hung out to dry) corporate media has been forced to admit he has in fact donated $10 million dollars this week to fight Trump.

The donation, The New York Times and other mainstream media organisations claim is to fight hate crime caused by Trump. Of course, because Establishment’s new Narrative is it’s either civil war or a Trump Holocaust. None of the mainsteam news sites carrying this story mention that most of he hate crimes verified as real and not simply malicious attempts to make trouble, have been committed by minority group members and Hillary Clinton supporters against people who expressed support for Donald Trump.

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