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US Democrat's Refusal To Accept They Lost The Election, It's The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Russia's role in US election hacks and the possible influence on the result.

To read, watch or listen to the mainstream media, the 2016 US presidential election was decided by internet hackers rather than voters.
At least, that's the way government officials and mainstream media newsbots would like to spin it. Both before and after election day, news coverage has focused on leaked incriminating emails reportedly written by key Democrat party officials, including presidential candidate Hillary Clinton herself, fake news which turned out to have more substance than most of the 'real news' or propaganda as it should more accurately be called. Everyone, from the US's leading spy agencies and politicians to the public at large, is caught up in disagreement about who the hackers are and what influence they may have had on the eventual outcome of the vote

The weeks weeks since the election have brought five separate calls from Congress for investigations to learn how much the hacks really influenced the elections. Add to that public comments this week by the the outgoing President Barack Obama (in which he warned the Russians He (personally?) would retaliate for the alleged interference in US politics, the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of State on how Russia was involved in influencing the vote and when. There have been wildly inaccurate stories in the New York Times and Washington Post about disagreements between the CIA and the FBI over why Russia conducted the hacks.

To round it all off, President Elect Donald Trump is arguing nobody knows for sure that Russia and President, Vladimir Putin were behind the hacks. Trump (correctly at it happens) maintains that even though the US intelligence community and the forensic experts who first examined the hacked systems are highly confident Russia is the bad guy there is no actual evidence. (I explain below why there can be no evidence).

NBC News reported on Wednesday 15 December that US intelligence officials believe "with a high level of confidence" that Putin was personally involved in the effort to interfere in the election.

President Barack Obama has little doubt the Russians were behind the hacks. And in an interview with NPR published Friday, he said that the US would respond.

"When any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections ... we need to take action," Obama said. "And we will -- at a time and place of our own choosing. Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be."

The Russian government, in turn, has called the US accusations groundless. "They should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last," said a spokesman for Putin, according to CNN, citing Russian state news agency Tass.

For the record, there hasn't been any evidence found of hacked voting machines, according to election officials or security experts. Trump won the election because of the way the US voting system works, even though Clinton won the popular vote. In fact, in the three states where Green Party candidate Jill Stein, acting as a proxy for The Clinton Crime Syndicate, tried to demand recounts to upset the result, two denied recounts because the evidence of error or fraud required by State law could not be provided and in the third, Wisconsin, where a recount was completed, Trump actually gained a few hundred votes on his rival.

There is no reliable way of telling where a hack came from other than the IP address in the packet header? And because our laptops and tablets do not have their own IP address, but instead one allocated dynamically by the server they connect to, what does that prove? Only that the computer was in a certain place the time (even this can be faked very easily by using a proxy server). The hacker could have been a CIA operative sitting in a Moscow hotel planting a false flag, a British geek sitting in a MacDonalds in London, logged on via the restaurant Wi-Fi, via a proxy server in Andorra, via a proxy server in Russia to a server in Hilary Clinton's attic for all we know. If the IP address were really from Russia it was almost certainly not the Russian government doing it because the government would have covered their tracks by paying for a plane trip to a banana republic in Central America.

As we in the IT community have been seeing for some years, hackers have moved on from the old ways of writing malicious code and distributing in email attachments. They are now writing and selling the tools for others to distribute or use and it is big business and growing. The people who create such software know about the 'postern gates' deliberately put into software by corporations like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook, for which cooperation they are well rewarded by government agencies. And as long as robots can be programmed to access the right logical port, Windows operating systems are wide open. That is why it is nearly impossible to know who is initiating the attacks. Throw in the complete distrust the population has in the NSA, CIA, FBI, GCHQ, MI6, Europol and the politicised legal and judicial systems and it is no wonder that there is little concern about who is hacking except for those who want to blame a faceless entity for their loss of control over government.

There is in fact no proof or even convincing evidence that Russia in fact did the hacks. Wikileaks founder Julian assange has categorically stated it was not Russia! A more likely scenario is that is was in fact an inside job done by a DNC staffer disgusted by the collaboration of party managers with The Clinton Campaign to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Having said that, if Hillary was a bank robber, and Russia revealed that Hillary was a bank robber, are the nations of the western coalition supposed to go to war with Russia to save a known crook and liar from a humiliating but deserved defeast? And can anyone tell us why there was no outcry from supporters of the globalist left about the Obama administration's attempts to influence outcome of the Israeli election.

I doubt Russia swayed one single vote. The track record of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, a record of dishonesty, misrepresentation, corporate cronyism and warmongering, is what lost the election for them. There are far more important issues to the majority of people than Gay BLT rights.


Elementary My Arse

Michelle Obama’s Stupid Attack On Trump Shows What A Cow She Is

Former UK Ambassador Says Obama's 'Russian Hacking' Claims Are Bullshit

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who has always publicly opposed the demonization of Russia by United States and European Union official propaganda and has in the past collaborated with WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to expose western propaganda as being aimed at persuading voters war with Russia and China,is justified has dismissed the CIA's claims that Russia interfered in last month’s presidential election as "bullshit"

An Item In Todays News About US Gov't Internet Security Hack has Tipped Our Editor Over The Edge
The US election was on November 8, by November 12 it should have gone away, but the Democrats, proven crooks and liars who crookedly rigged their own selection process to cheat a man who could have beaten Trump out of the nomination and ensure their candidate was the traitor, war criminal, liar, AND head of the Clinton Crime Syndicate Hillary Clinton as their candidate.

Democrats Russia Hacked Us and Failed Recount Campaign is Political Suicide.
The US Democratic Party’s inability to accept that they lost the Presidency to Donald Trump is turning into a slow political suicide. The party that has always been quick to scream ‘conspiracy theorist’ to discredit critics of its dealings with overseas governments and foreign billionaires like Soros has revealed in its efforts to overturn the result by claiming that Russian hacking influenced voters in favour of Trump.

The Internet Purge Of Politically Incorrect (aka truthful) Content Begins

Facebook, Google (owners of YouTube) and Microsoft have long been known as CIA collaborators and it has been acknowledged that Obama's move in divesting the US government of responsibility for ICANN allows The White House to make outraged noises about suppression of free speech while using Search Engine Operators as proxies to shut down anything challinging US and NATO propaganda (on the grounds no doubt that challenging the politically correct orthodoxy constitutes hate speech.)

ABC/Wapo Effectively Admit To Poll Tampering As Hillary's "Lead" Shrinks To 2-Points

A few days ago the solidly 'liberal' mainstream media were crowing that the American presidential election was all over bar the shouting and Hillary Clinton could order new curtains for The White House. As evidence of their claims they cited an ABC / Washington Post opinion poll which gave 'Crooked Hillary' a 12 point lead. The poll and Hillary's media shills are of course all as bent as a boxing day turd, if this and other big leads claimed for the Democrat are anything to go by. href="">Clinton Crime Syndicate Involved In Green Party Recount Scam, But No Evidence Hacking Influenced US Vote.

American Attempts To Demonise Russia Look More Pathetic Than Desperate

In spite of all the screeching from Hillary Clinton's campaign team, the bombast of the Obama administration and they hysteria in mainstream media it should be obvious even to a prepubescent kid whose computing skills are limited to playing games on an android tablet that the hacking of the Democrat's campaign servers, Obama's private email address and the State Department is an inside job.

Ideologue Obama Declares War On Ideologies

When the idealists of the left have top resort to suppressing the free press and free speech because they are losing the argument it is time to forget all the empty talk of hope and change, look at the track record of war and destruction and recognise these so called liberals for what they are, authoritarian tyrants.

America Is Lost: Rigged election, Rigged Media, Rigged Candidate says Assange
To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of Julian Assange's death were greatly exaggerated. After his web feed was cut by staff at the Ecuadorian Embassy earlier this week Assange's usual stream of tweets, leaks and posts was stilled. The web, being the web, went mad with conspiracy theories but Wikileaks themselves did not comment on the wilder speculation. Well Julian is back on Hillary's case, and this time it's more personal than ever.

FBI Leaks Expose Elusive "Shadow Government" Protecting Hillary In National Security Investigation

Big Foot, The Yeti and The Loch Ness monster continue to elude us but the existence of one creature previously though to be a modern myth has been confirmed when official records of its existence were revealed in documents relating to the FBI investigation into the case of former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton's negligent handling of highly sensitive classified government material on a private server.

Pussy Grabber versus Lying, Money Grubbing Traitor For US President?

Yesterday, too late for this British based blog to pick up, Wikileaks released by far the most devastating leak of the campaign. In any other democratic nation this would be game over. This act of treason this betrayal of three hundred million people, is in complete violation of US electoral law and makes Trump’s dirty talk video, that US liberals have been in hysterics about, look like an episode of The Teletubbies.

Latest Clinton Foundation Hack Shows Abuse Of Power For Personal Gain
Julian Asange was not bluffing it seems, although he appeared to back off from dropping the promised bpmbshell that would finish Hillary Clinton, a document dump by Goccifer2 containst stuff that is dynamite, revealing email exchanges between Clinton and associates that discuss the abuse of power and position for financial gain, in short giving preferential treatment in warding State Deprtment contracts to people and organisations that made generous donations tio the Clinton Foundation ...

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