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Japanese researchers develop a prototype humandroid to replace human labourers

humanoid robot - looks rather clumsy
Image source: Natural News

There's no doubt about it, scientidts are a creepy - weird, dangerously obsessive bunch of wankers. They are so disgusted by their own humanity (well it just isn't scientific enough for them,) they would rather be machines than people. But to stop them feeling like emotionally crippled losers because of their machine - like behaviour, they want to replace all the rest of us with machines. Now I can understand why scientists want to develop sex robots although I think it's well out of order when they start saying in future we will all have sex robots as our lovers. Just because scientists find it easier to have a meaningful relationship with a wank machine does not mean we all will.

A policy of strictly controlloing immigration, astronomical housing costs and high taxation, high presure education and social conditioning to seek status and success in Japan have led to a disastrously low birth rate and labour shortages in some vital areas. These have forced businesses, government and private individuals to resort to using robots for its labor needs. An article on reports that researchers are developing a humanoid robot that will replace human workers in the construction industry.

Created by the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), the HRP-5P construction robot is six feet tall and vaguely resembles one of those tin cans with smiley faces that appeared in 1950s sci-fi movies, the ones that always rebel and try to murder their human masters.

As the name implies, HRP-5P is the fifth model of an increasingly long line of androids. The harbinger of the future robot economy of Japan was HRP-1, which first debuted in 1998.

While HRP-5P is the latest and most advanced unit, the earlier incarnations are still being used. The older HRP-2 Reinforcement was upgraded before serving as the AIST representative at the 2015 DARPA Robotics challenge, an international competition where autonomous robots sought to accomplish various tasks such as driving cars.

AIST has spent 20 years working on developing robots capabilities to a level which enables them to accomplish a wide variety of tasks with minimal human control. Some of the HRP series’ most significant achievements involve crossing rough terrain and adjusting valves with precision.

However, while the humanoid robots could pull off delicate tasks with ease, they did not possess the physical capability of human workers when it came to heavy duty work. The earlier models were unable to replicate truly human movement in complex environments such as construction sites.

The new model does not initially look impressive. It moves and works quite slowly, especially when compared to a human. However, its artificial intelligence is analytical and rigorous. This electronic brain allows it to take full advantage of its extremely flexible joints, which can match or exceed the movement range of a human.

It is also immune to the physical exhaustion and emotional problems that plague human workers. So it will be able to work all day and all night, long after the humans have headed home to sleep.

But what happens when the batteries run low and there is no human around to plug in its charger?

ET Phone Home - The Science Of Wasting Taxpayers' Money

When one of the most famous and highly promoted science fanboys starts to question the official narrative about exploring distant galaxies, meeting exotic aliens (and inviting them all to come to earth and live on welfare in the western democracies) we have to wonder did he fail to win the prize for whackiest theory at this year's Star Trek convention or something?

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence of American Moon Landings

As the 'Science Squad' (Brian Cox, Dara O'Briain and assorted Star Wars fans) get hyper over Major Tim Peake 'going into space' I call for scepticism. He hasn't gone into 'space', the space station is in a fixed orbit 250 miles above the earth and that is within the earth's atmosphere, in the layer known as The Thermosphere, which is not even the outermost sphere of the atmosphere.

Philo and Sophia - The Page For Lovers Of Wisdom

You might find some of the more bizarre fringes of philosophy and thought from history and from around the world here here, among the original thinking of our contributors. As with most pages in The Greenteeth Labyrinth this is not a page for academics or conventional students but for explorers and people who like to play with fresh or off - centre ideas.

Has Nasa found another 'Earth' in corner of Milky Way?

The science clowns are going off their heads again, getting over-excited about the 'discovery' by the Kepler project of Earth 2, an earth like planet that it would only take twenty million ryears to reach in our fastest spacecraft id. What planet do these do these idiots live on?

NASA Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Belts

Can it be that the conspiracy Theorists have once again been right all along. Or is there another explanation for the apparent contradiction. Thius one is going top have comment threads and social media going crazy.

It Doesn't Take Much To get Scientists ExcitedYesterday we saw on television news bulletins pictures of scientists jumping up and down, screaming and shouting and generally behaving they way we would expect from Liverpool football supporters if they heard Mario Balotelli had been transferred to another club. What was the cause of this celebrationette? You might well ask ...

New Physics Theory Proposes Time Is Disappearing From Our Universe.I have never understood why we invest so much money in theoretical physics, which basically means blokes with pointy heads sitting around having intellectual wanks as they dream up constantly whackier theories to explain how our universe works. One idea they cling to fondly which I find crazy, is that time is somehow material than can be stretched, compressed, kicked around like a football and made to disappear.

Wormholes: The science behind Interstellar TravelIn a newly released video (embedded below)physicist Dr Simon Foster explains how 'Wormholes' the theoretical "shortcuts" through space-time, known as Einstein – Rosen bridges could enable travel across space and time and make interstellar travel possible.

by Ian R Thorpe

Computers Have No Feelings, Can A I Really Replace Humans

Beam Me Up Brian* - Scientists Say Star Trek Style Teleporation Is PossibleIt has become more and more obvious that the current generation of scientis ts are a bunch of OCD geeks who can't differentiate between science fact and science fiction. While scientists are increasingly seen to be certifiably insane psychotics who have completely detached themselves from reality, politicians are dupes who can be persuaded that colonising solar systems of stars so distant it would take our fastest spacecraft thousands of years to reach them is somehow a vote winner.

Mind Control: How It Works and how The Elite Use ItMind control, the ability of science to deliver a completely compliant and uncomplaining population. It had been the goal of tyrants for over a hundred years, just as the abilty to comtrol human minds and turn us into humandroids has been the goal of mad scientists. But is such scientific advance getting uncomfortably close to reality? The idea of a scientific dictatorship able to subjugate individuality was born over a century ago by insane scientists and control freaks who saw human qualities like empathy and compassion as an obstriction to scientific progress. welcome to Dystoipia.

Levitation: Did Tesla Teach Us How To Get Ourselves UpScience has always been for the terminally insane, the thing was some of the pointy headed insaniacs were actually very creative and clever. Recently though leaders of the scientific community have become more like the jesuits who conducted The Inquisition. Learn about the latest attempts to suppress the amazing inventions of Nikola Tesla.

Infinity And The Myth Of Space And TimeThere is a revolution afoot in the way we think of the universe and humanity's relationship with it. The materialist science of Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics was proving inadequate to deal with the infinitely small and the infinitely large and Albert Einstein's thought experiments floundered on the rock of infinity which defies mathematical enumeration. It looks as if the world's most ancient surviving religion is coming to our rescue.

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