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France In Flames - Anti Macron Protests Across The Nation Only Days After He Was Re - elected

by Arthur Foxake, 1 May 2022

FRANCE erupted in an orgy of violence today as traditional May Day festivities turned into angry protests at the victory of incumbent president Emmanual Macron as more evidence emerged that the election was not free and fair.  Balaclava-clad protesters took to the streets of Paris and other major cities to mark May Day and vent their outrage at Emmanuel Macron's re-election, ahead of the legislative elections in June.

More than 250 anti-Macron rallies erupted across the country as thousands of people joined the annual May Day celebrations, turning them into protests against the deeply unpopular president who in his first term has consistently ignored the concerns of ordinary people in favour of pursuing the globalist agendas of the wealthy elites. Things quickly descended into chaos in Paris.

Around 5,000 police officers were deployed in the capital city alone to control the violent protest, which left shops ransacked and streets ablaze.  

Demonstrators light red flares as they take part in the annual May Day march in Paris, France, 01 May 2022. Labour Day, also known as International Workers' Day or May Day, is observed annually on 01 May worldwide to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers as well as fight for laborers rights. EPA-EFE/YOAN VALAT

Many protesters demonstrated peacefully but police stepped in as black-clad members of the group known as "Black Bloc" attempted to put up a barricade to block the march.

Dozens of businesses were also damaged amid the protests including a McDonald's branch, banks, insurance companies and real estate agencies.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called the violence at the rallies "unacceptable."

French unions and left-wing politicians have used the workers' day demonstrations to express displeasure with recently re-elected President Emmanuel Macron and rally support for the nation's upcoming parliamentary elections.

Macron, who defeated far-right opponent Marine Le Pen in France's presidential election last week, has faced criticism that he is out of touch with France's working-class on issues such as the rising cost of living.

Opposing politicians looked to the rallies Sunday to prevent Macron's centrist La Republique En Marche party from winning a majority during the two-round parliamentary elections on June 12 and June 19.

"Without MPs to support him, Emmanuel Macron will be powerless to apply his harmful project for France and his unfair choices for the French," Le Pen said in a video to supporters Sunday. 

The May Day protests also come as left-wing parties in France aim to strike an agreement ahead of the June legislative elections following the defeat of leftist candidates in the first round of the election. Labour unions and student organisations led protests against newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron with demands for higher wages, support for public services and more climate-friendly policies.

In Paris, leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon called for an agreement between left-wing parties tonight.

The CGT labour union claimed that 50,000 protesters were present in the capital city. Thousands also protested in other large cities across France such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and Strasbourg, according to police. 

Clashes broke out between young people dressed in black and Paris' police with many shop windows destroyed and fires breaking out.

Demonstrators broke bank windows and wrote anticapitalist messages on a McDonald's and police fired tear gas.

Interior minister Gérald Darmanin said that "thugs" were committing "unacceptable violence" and expressed his "full support for police".




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