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Daily Stirrer News Roundup - 8 November 2022

EU Vaccination Roadmap, 2018-2022

Image: Yahoo.com

In case you were skeptical about allegations that the EU vaccination passport scheme had been years in the planning stages, here is the evidence ... Continue reading >>>

Covid Vaccine Effects on mother and child that bear out Mike Yeadon’s warnings


A BRITISH scientist with 32 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry warned right at the start of the Covid vaccine rollout that under no circumstances should the gene-based, mRNA jab be given to women of child-bearing age without studies to confirm it was safe. 

Dr Mike Yeadon, former vice president for research at Pfizer, one of the manufacturers of the experimental mRNA products, filed a petition with the European Medicines Agency on December, 1, 2020, urging that even testing the jab on human volunteers was unethical without significant safety concerns being taken into account.

One of these was a similarity between virus proteins targeted by the proposed vaccinations and a protein (syncitin) essential for forming the placenta in pregnancy. If antibodies produced by the jab also acted against those proteins, the petition said, ‘it would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile’.

Co-signed by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a leading German physician, the document also warned that the vaccine trials were much too short to flag up late adverse effects. It added that the design was such that the trials could not show whether the product worked either in stopping a person from becoming infected, or from infecting others.  Continue reading >>>

Board-Certified Obstetrician cries "STOP"

Promoting SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in Pregnancy is an unprecedented ethical breach 


Experimental, Never before Tested Novel Genetic Therapy Pushed in Pregnancy.

The Most Egregious Violation of Ethics in the History of Medicine

James A Thorp, MD.

This IS the greatest medical disaster in the history of obstetrics and all of medicine. I testify that this unwarranted experimental gene therapy was NEVER indicated in pregnancy and was perpetrated unlawfully and with falsified data. Res ipsi loquitor. Facts speak for themselves.

It was known by Schadlich et al as early as 2012 that the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) concentrate in the ovaries of mice and Wistar rats. The FOIA request of the Japanese Pfizer biodistribution studies absolutely confirmed: within 48 hours the “vaccine” was immediately absorbed into the blood stream and concentrated in the ovaries 118-fold by 48 hours and the trajectory of the concentration would have risen even higher had the animals not been sacrificed at 48 hours. This experimental therapy may have permanent damaging effects on the human genome for multiple generations and makes diethystilbestrol pale in comparison. ... Continue reading >>>

Pfizer’s Clinical Trial papers prove COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System

from The Expose, 7 November 2022

There is some extremely concerning findings in the Pfizer Phase I-II-III clinical trial data. The Sepsis death rate in the 21,926 double vaccinated group of the Pfizer Phase III Clinical trial was twenty-one times higher than normal, and the Cardiovascular death rate was two times higher than normal. 

This strongly indicates that the Pfizer Covid-19 injection does in fact cause a new form of ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’, as has been suggested by a mountain of data available from the UK Health Security Agency, because sepsis is caused by failure of the immune system.

Sepsis/Septicemia results from immune system failure to defeat a microbial (viral yeast or bacterial) infection.

Emphysematous cholecystitis is a relatively rare variant of acute cholecystitis with infection by gas-producing organisms. Diagnosis involves the demonstration of gas within the lumen or wall of the gallbladder by ultrasound or CT scan. In contrast to acute cholecystitis, emphysematous cholecystitis occurs more commonly in elderly and diabetic patients, and is frequently associated with perforation and death. – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12768870/ 

It is the result of an immune system failure to defeat a microbial (viral yeast or bacterial) infection. ... Continue reading >>>

Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

Many will treat Climate Change Reconsidered as a highly authoritative source of
reference. It is in particular a standing rebuke to all those alarmists who deny the
existence of hard science supporting the sceptical case. ... Given the increasing
realisation that climate mitigation efforts are creating an economic crisis, and
increasing popular scepticism about the alarmist scenario, this is a timely
publication, and a key resource for all of us who are arguing for common sense
Continue reading >>>



U.S. Warming Over Last 50 Years Exaggerated by Up to 50%, New Evidence Shows

by Chris Morrison, Daily Sceptic


The widespread use of regularly adjusted global and local surface temperature datasets showing increasingly implausible rates of warming has been dealt a further blow with new groundbreaking research that shows 50% less warming over 50 years across the eastern United States. The research attempts to remove distortions caused by increasing urban heat and uses human-made structure density data over 50 years supplied by the Landsat satellites. The 50% reduction in the warming trend is by comparison with the official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) homogenised surface temperature dataset.

The research was compiled by two atmospheric scientists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Dr. Roy Spencer and Professor John Christy. They used a dataset of urbanisation changes called ‘Built-Up’ to determine the average effect that urbanisation has had on surface temperatures. Urbanisation differences were compared to temperature differences from closely spaced weather stations. The temperature plotted was in the morning during the summertime. A full methodology of the project is shown here in a posting on Dr. Spencer’s blog. ... Continue reading >>>


Ukraine - U.S. Deceives Allies To Keep Them In Line

from Moon of Alabama
The Biden administration launched a make-believe campaign that is supposed to calm those European 'allies' who press for peace talks over  Ukraine.

But, as the Washington Post provides, the alleged Biden push towards negotiations is a sham:

The Biden administration is privately encouraging Ukraine’s leaders to signal an openness to negotiate with Russia and drop their public refusal to engage in peace talks unless President Vladimir Putin is removed from power, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The request by American officials is not aimed at pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table, these people said. Rather, they called it a calculated attempt to ensure the government in Kyiv maintains the support of other nations facing constituencies wary of fueling a war for many years to come.
While U.S. officials share their Ukrainian counterparts’ assessment that Putin, for now, isn’t serious about negotiations, they acknowledge that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s ban on talks with him has generated concern in parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, where the war’s disruptive effects on the availability and cost of food and fuel are felt most sharply.

If Zelensky will now start to offer talks we know that it will not be serious but just for show. ... Continue reading >>>



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