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So Was Last Weekend's Abortive 'Coup' In Russia Anything But Theatre?

 "It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.'—Henry Kissinger, February 1999"

That is very significant quote by , or attributed to, Henry Kissinger and it is interesting that former Uk Prime Minister Tony Blair used a very similar line when selling his 'New Labour' schtick to British voters. No coincidence of course that both these figures have close links to the World Economic Forum. It has always been the case that perception overrides actuality, were it not so there would never have been any empires, religions or political parties. All these depend on how things are perceived. 

But perceived by whom? The millions of ordinary punters whose priorities extend no further than earning a living and paying the bills. Or by political activists, journalists and commentators in print and broadcast media, the few who read the news, and actually think about it and challenge the narratives. The rest don't think so changing their minds doesn't count and so will accept whatever the propagandists tell them. 

The US and its hapless sidekicks, the nation states that make up the membership of NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, are on the way to becoming a totalitarian society of unprecedented paranoia - driven tyranny. Questioning dissent and aking difficult questions has been criminalised under the cover of a hoax pandemic, free speech is constantly threatened by technological 'advances' which allow the ruling class to monitor opinion and control information to an extent that even Gorge Orwell never dreamed would be possible as he created his fictional Big Brother regime of Oligarchic Collectivism.

Every discussion, no matter how obscure and trivial it might be, is carefully recorded and analysed, (logarithmically?) by what we are told is Artificial Intellligence though in fact it is nothing more than a binary string matching system which parses vast amounts of data at incredible speed. All participants in alt_news websites, blogs and comment threads are identified and their filed profiles constantly updated. 

And though this data collection is illegal and breaches the inalienable human rights laid down in the Geneva convention of 1948, it leads inevitably, as we have seen during the 'disinformation' and 'misinformation' monitoring crazes, to demands for governmental action.Those who control the media and therefore are able to manipulate perceptions by controlling the information on which perceptions are based have become so adept at what they do, they can make people opposed to censorship cal out for more censorship, those who complain about loss of liberties demand that even more constraints are imposed for the greater good.

 tThis is how we are now witnessing the prosecution of individuals calling for an end to pouring weaponry into Ukraine. In Canada, peace campaigners and other opponents of Ukrainian Nazism have been prevented from hiring assembly rooms or, having hired them, fighting off thugs determined to prevent discussion of Ukraine. The government says Zelensky and his neo Nazi masters are the good guys because Russia stands in the way of US / Cultural Marxist global domination.

Here in Britain, while rapists are being sent to women's prisons because they 'identify' as women, and anyone who openly states their disagreement with the notion that a woman can have a penis and a man can have a womb and conceive children, law abiding citizens can end up in big trouble for claimingv their are only two genders, and parents who complain about sex lessons for six year olds including descriptions of oral sex, and various homosexual acts risk having their children taken away by the authorities. 

What this is leading to is a body politic without a functioning facility for critical thinking - legislatures that make Hitler's Reichstag look like a lively and liberal exchange of ideas, a media which pumps out, uncontradicted, the increasingly extravagant and dangerous policy perspectives of a tiny group of powerful elitists.

In this world the advantage is with those countries with lower living standards, where 'education' is not omnipresent, and where the masses have more important things to do than pretend that their opinions matter on foreign policy matters. Those without TVs or the leisure to sprawl in front of them are better off, the illiterate are spared the poison from the Daily Mail or the NY Times. Those without elected governments are relieved of the burden of watching the Starmers and Sumacs playing with themselves.

Russia, after the coup that wasn't, has real problems, it has yet to escape the hell into which the Pied Pipers of Wall St and the City, Harvard and Oxbridge led it. But it will. Its people are alive and capable of returning to the mir and communal self rule. But the America under the corrupt and increasingly insane Biden regime, the dull stupidity and the sleazy criminality of the Washington swamp, with the economy looking more like tribute to Ponzi as the government borrows more and more money to finance pointless wars and maintain an illusion of growth, and societal breakdown turns the cities into lawless dystopias, has far bigger problems than Russia, China, the EU, UK, Japan and Germany. 

America is in real trouble. Hundreds of millions hierarchically organised to conform- to 'go along to get along' seem incapable of dissent, so terrified of incuring the disapproval of their peers they dare not speak their minds. And in Europe, every bad idea, every loonytoons policy that comes out of the Californian madhouse is eagerly taken up, obscenely clad grotesques, exhibitionists and attention seekers made up to look like clowns humiliate themselves to support something they refer to without irony as 'Pride', schools teach young pupils that t.hey can flip flop between sexes on a whim, while pupils who identify as cats, squirrels and trees are encouraged by techers so dimwitted they cannot see the kids are mocking them.

And yet we are expected to believe that the theatrical stunt staged in Russia last weekend and faithfully reported by western media as proof that Russia was about to disintegrate, Putin's downfall was imminent and Ukraine was still winning the war (despite half the country having been reduced to rubble.) The big question is, what was the Wagner coup staged to distract us from, is there about to be a major escalation of conflict, taking it beyond Ukraine's borders?





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Hijab wearing, Jihad supporting U.S. Congresswoman refuses to condemn stoning of gays.
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It had to happen, and it was always going to be great comedy value when it did. U.S Liberals were always going to face the moment when their love of Gays, Lesbians and Trannies clashed head to head with their love of terrorists and the Islamic Jihad.

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In an opinion poll commissioned by Reuters a majority of US Democrat voters say they fear that the latest m,ove to impeach President Trump over the Biden-Ukraine scandal will backfire, giving him a boost into the 2020 US election. One has to wonder about an epidemic of dementia among leading Democrats who have forgotten that only a few weeks ago

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