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Globalists Say Britain Should Rejoin The EU, Are They Having A Laugh? German Citizens Are Not Amused


Germany: the 'sick man' of Europe again?

August 4, 2023

Despite the constant wailing and gnashing of teeth from globalists who insist on trying to blame Brexit for Britain's economic woes as if we alone are suffering a multi - layered economic crisis and that the only was out of it is for the UK to rejoin, the EU, taken as a single economy is in a worst state than the UK.  The German economy, on which solvency in the EU has depended for a long time, is in deep trouble with inflation soaring and growth stagnant, and as long as current policies remain in place there is no sign of improvement in the foreseeable future. The serial crises of the past decade and a half, from global financial meltdown through immigration, political uncertainty, COVID and the aftermath of lockdowns to the Ukraine war, energy crisis and sky high inflation, have exposed the weaknesses of the country's business model.


Shortly before the turn of the century British business magazine The Economist published a series of essays and articles on the German economy, which concluded by describing the country as the sick man of Europe. Although this was at the time when the rest of the world was still being propagandised into believing in the German Industrial Powerhouse the insult served as a wake-up call for German politicians, which, having bought into their own propaganda was still living in the boom years that followed reunification reunification. Germany's Federal Government had been delaying much needed reforms, hoping like Mr. Micawber that 'something would turn up. 
Prodded by the Economist and other critics the government of Chancellor Schröder introduced major reforms to the labour market, directing the main thrust of its efforts towards reforming Germany's generous social welfare program. In particular, the government wanted to reduce the costs of the bloated welfare system; with an ageing population and high levels of sickness and disability, the number of beneficiaries was increasing at a rate exceeding the number of contributors, thus driving the state budget close to insolvency. High benefit levels had to be paid for and economic recovery was hampered by high taxes. In response to this Schroder attempted to relieve the burden on businesses of the country’s high taxes and labour costs, which had driven away foreign investment and encouraged German firms to close German plants and move them overseas.
These steps slowly trurned things around and in 2014, a group of economists from Berlin and London wrote that Germany had developed"From sick man of Europe to an economic superstar."

However in 2023 the wheel has turned full circle and German economy is again struggling. For the final quarter of 2022 and the first of 2023 economic output has declined putting the national economy in "technical recession." In the most recent quarter, Germany's gross domestic product (GDP) has stagnated at the level of the previous quarter, and all the important economic indicators show a decline.

"Germany's economic situation is darkening," was the conclusion of the president of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich, Clemens Fuest. The Institute surveys 9,000 executives each month about the current state of their businesses and their expectations for the next six months. The resulting Business Climate Index (July 2023) has fallen for the third month in a row. The Institute researchers expect Germany's GDP to decline again during the current quarter. ... 


Commerzbank chief economist Jörg Krämer reinforces the opinion of Clemens Fuest and the Munich Institute for Economic Research: "Unfortunately, there is no improvement in sight," Krämer told the Reuters news agency. "The worldwide interest rate increases are taking their toll, especially since German businesses are already unsettled due to the eroding quality of their location."

The country's industrial sector, the showpiece of its economy, is causing the most concern. It accounts for a relatively large portion of Germany's gross value added (GVA), about 24%, and has been suffering  global trends along with other developed nations. A worldwide economic slump in the wake of the COVID pandemic fiasco added to globalist ideologies' influence on policy making it easier for manufacturers to move operations from highly regulated areas such as the EU to nations ith more lax regulatoty and business taxation jurisdictions. Germany's once mighty engineering and automobile sectors, which were heavily reliant on exports, are feeling the effects of foreign customers holding back while cheaper imports from China and other 'emerging' economies flood the domestic market.

And on top of all this a decade of unregulated mass immigration of semi - literate, poorly educated, culturally incompatible, unemployable migrants from third world nations has bloated the welfare system again.

Compared with other industrialized nations, Germany is performing exceptionally poorly — and according to an estimate by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be the only large country to have a shrinking economic output.


EU Power Grab Backed By France, Germany, Aims To End Member States Right To Veto Bureaucrats Policy Moves
In what may spell the end for the European Union's ambition to become a federal superstate, Germany and France plan to end the right, currently held by every member state to veto any policy proposed by the Brussels bureaucracy before the end of this year.The debate over the issue has led to increased tensions between members in recent months, but has now been put back on the agenda.

Germany Forcing Farmers To Use LESS Fertilizer To Satisfy EU’s Green Agenda
The German government, already reeling from the public backlash against rising fuel prices, the shortage of gas since supplies from Russia were cut off, and the biggest economic crisis in the EU, has now jumped on another 'woke' bandwagon. The socialist led ruling coalition has banned farmers in one of its federal states from properly fertilizing land in compliance with the latest lunacy of the EU's green agenda ...

Germany haemorrhaging cash to keep country running on as ‘net zero’ becomes zeroeconomic activity
Germany was so desperate to achieve 'net zero' CO2 emissions that for years the country's government closed its fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants,replacing those plants with wind and solar power — as well as impoorting huge volumes of natural gas and oil from Russia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, when NATO (aka the U.S.A.) mandated that the West impose retaliatory sanctions on Russia, including a ban on importation of Russian gas and oil, Germany found itself in a hole:

Germany is Now A “Total Dictatorship” Says Dutch Journalist
A Dutch journalist has claimed that Germany is now a “total dictatorship”. This may seem like a case of the pot calling the kettle black given the Dutch government's plan to evict up to 3000 farmer from their land and return those acreages 'to nature' in a bid to lead the way among EU member states, to enforce total compliance with the latest loonytoons EU climate policy which requires EU members to reduce that dangerous pollutant nitrogen, which accounts for 78% of the air we breathe ...

German Interior Minister Caught Faking Asylum Numbers To Hide Migrant Crisis
Germany’s interior minister, Nancy Faeser, is trying to fend off claims that she has faked statistics on refugee numbers to hide number of illegal immigrants claiming entry to Germany by posing as asylum seekers since the beginning of this year. While official figures show only 57,647 refugees have been admitted to Germany, the federal police have registered 101,900 arrivals of undocumented migrants since January

Common Sense Prevails: Germany Is Dismantling Wind Turbines To Make Room For Coal Mining
We have learned vial a piece in that turbines at a wind farm in western Germany are being dismantled to allow for the expansion of open cast coal mining operations at an adjacent site. The propsal to increase output at the Garzweiler open-pit lignite coal mine has been described as a “paradoxical” situation given that in recent years the German government has been pushing ahead with the closure of coal and nuclear generating plant to appease its nutty but powerful Green party ... Continue reading >>>

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy "Emergency", Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production
Germany tok great pride in leading the race among developed nations to achieve a net xero economy but now the folly of that policy is being exposed as gas supplies from Russia dry up and the inadequacies of wind and solar are exposed

An Energy Crisis In Tandem With A Food Crisis On Top Of An Economic Crisis And A War. This Cannot End Well
As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

Swedish Media Outlet Publishes Leaked U.S. Document On How to CRUSH Europe Economy via Ukraine War Effort
Swedish news organisation Nya Dagbladet has published a leaked top secret US plans to use the war in Ukraine and an induced energy crisis to destroy European economies. The report claims the RAND Corporation a defence and foreign policy think tank founded by military aircraft maker Douglas has the official aim of improving policies and decision-making, is the source of its evidence.

Rishi Sunak Reveals How Boris Sold Us Out To Big Pharma and Globalism
it seems most people in Boris Johnson's cabinet during the run up to lockdowns were kept in the dark about many things, including the fact that 'The Science' on which lockdown policy was based was not science at all. Government was effectively reduced to a “quad” of ministers and their 'scientific advisers' deciding on Britain’s future. Rishi Sunak, at that time Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance secretary) was one of them. There were rumours at the time that Sunak repeatedly warned that lockdowns would inflict economic damage that was likely to endure for decades.

The Federal Republic of New Normal GermanySo, the government of New Normal Germany is contemplating forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks in public from October to Easter on a permanent basis. The fanatical New Normal fascists currently in charge of Germany’s government are discussing revising the “Infection Protection Act” in order to grant themselves the authority to continue to rule the country by decree, as they have been doing since the Autumn of 2020

, thus instituting a “permanent state of emergency” that overrides the German constitution, indefinitely ...

France's Week Of Riots Signal Failure Of Virtue Signalling Immigration Policies
The mass riots that rocked French society over the past week put the spotlight on the disaster of liberal mass immigration policies in the European democracies and the total failure by Western societies to assimilate the new arrivals welcomed through years of mass immigration, into the culture, traditions and laws of the host nation, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has claimed.

French Police Say "We're At War With Vermin" As Nationwide Riots Spread Like Wildfire
Social unrest continued to spread in the cities and large towns of France cities for a fourth consecutive night last night, with hundreds of buildings and vehicles set ablaze. President Emmanuel Macron's government struggled to contain the violence, which was sparked on Tuesday after a teenager was shot dead by a police officer.

EU Power Grab Backed By France, Germany, Aims To End Member States Right To Veto Bureaucrats Policy Moves
In what may spell the end for the European Union's ambition to become a federal superstate, Germany and France plan to end the right, currently held by every member state to veto any policy proposed by the Brussels bureaucracy before the end of this year.The debate over the issue has led to increased tensions between members in recent months, but has now been put back on the agenda.

Jingoistic Western Triumphalism Will Not End The War In Ukraine Or Cripple Putin, But It Is Crippling Western Nations
As the war in Ukraine grinds on and Russia steps up its economic war against the west and in particular The European Union, claims made recently by the idiotically 'woke' leaders of Europe's main economic and military powers that the West has a once-in-a–generation chance to severely weaken Russia’s capabilities, both militarily and geopolitically, look increasingly hollow. Putin's critics have cited 'Western unity' as one of the main reasons why Russia will be economically destroyed and politically humiliated when the Ukraine's military finally claim victory.

European Union Is Again Close To A Meltdown As Eurozone Economy Collapses
Once more we return to the political instability and economic fragility of the European Union as the conflict in Ukraine combined with loonytoons Climate Change mitigation policies, the failure of 'sustainables' to meet ever increasing demand for electricity, fod shortages and rampant price inflation put economic and social pressure on governments of member states ...

Debunked: The Great Renewable Green Delusion
The war in Ukraine has not caused the global energy crisis of early 2022 byt merely exacerbated it. Currently the nations currently in conflict with Russia over its incursion into Ukraine are those which are most dependent for their energy needs on Russian oil and gas. And now their loonytoons 'net zero' green energy policies have failed they are biting the hand that feeds them.

Putin, Macron To Hold Urgent Talks To Halt Military Escalation In Ukraine
Even though the leaders of Ukraine itself are talking down the threat of war with Russia over the breakaway region of Donbas, America and Britain are still beating the war drums and demonising Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Russia insists they have no plans to invade Ukraine and one western leader at least, France's Emmanuel Macron, seems to be listening to messages coming out of the East European trouble spot...

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