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Europes Tractor Protests Spread To Germany And Now Include Fishing Trawlers

 from Breitbart Europe, 24 March 2023

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Hundreds of farmers have descended in their tractors on a small German coastal town to protest measures imposed by the European Union as part of the Great Reset and the bid to 'save the planet' by reducing CO2 emissions from cow farts.

400 tractors reportedly gathered in the North Sea fishing port and tourist resort of Büsum on Wednesday to protest what is probably the most insane environmentalist policy dreamed up by the EU idealogues to day, to reduce the amount of nitrogen emitted by agricultural processes by attacking the way farmers produce our food. The policy is of course being gleefully and zealously being implemented by politicians in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Warsaw and other EU member states on their behalf.

The protest by German farmers follows a pattern set bu similar mass demonstrations in Belgium and the Netherlands, all of which were organised to express opposition the European Commission’s plan to reduce nitrogen pollution across the European continent, even if that means forcibly closing farms in some areas deemed to be problematic. What mystifies sensible people most about this policy is that nitrogen makes up over 75% of the eart's atmosphere and is essential to plant and animal life.

Such green agenda policies have angered many people in Germany, both in and beyond the agricultural sector with thousands of ordinary citizens joining the hundreds of farmers descending on Büsum to attend the three-day protest against green agenda rules imposed by regional, national and European authorities. 

While the policies of Germany’s ruling coalition, apparently dictated by the far left Green party and the Green farming minister Cem Özdemir are portrayed as being about animal welfare and a transition to organic farming, critics point out the inevitable results of these sound-good policies are farms with fewer animals producing less food, thus inevitably leading to higher food prices and more pressure on living standards.

Unfortunately though the nominally centrist Social Democrats (SDP) are the largest coalition partner, they are held to ransom by The Greens without whom the SDP could not form a sustainable coalition. Thus while claiming to be a moderte government the coalition is enacting increasingly extremist policies, especially on environment, immigration and social issues.

Özdemir for his part has said that while he takes “hunger very seriously”, nevertheless he believes “you shouldn’t misuse it as an argument to make compromises in terms of biodiversity and climate protection.” 

This is, of course, nor far removed from 'Let them eat cake,' and though Özdemir may not lose his head for making such a crass and ignorant remark, Germany's coalition government is looking increasingly unsustainable with the pro - business Free Democratic Party (FDP) having effectively quit due to losing half its support because it has supported far left policies imposed by The Greens.

The farmers protest in Büsum has been joined by at least 60 trawlers, the fishermen are set to hold a demonstration at sea in protest of an EU ban on certain types of trawling, a move that is set to severely damage Germany’s shrimp fishing industry. The EU says the fishing technique is harmful to the environment. Surprisingly perhaps, the Cultural Marxist idealists of the European Commissioners have not gone as far as to claim fishing is racist.

In spite of repeated repeated warnings from academics, business and welfare agencies that food production in the Europe is now under threat largely due to energy prices and the war in Ukraine, The Bureaucrats of Brussels have simply pressed ahead with their policy of making life impossible for farmers, in line with their ideological aim to shift wealth from Europe's prosperous liberal democracies to third world shitholes run by tyrannical dictators. To this end they have forced governments of member nations into implementing various restrictions on what fertilisers and pesticides they can use, often justifying any bans with totally spurious and pseudoscientific references to the environment.

By far the worst of these measures are those aimed at curbing the nitrogen content of European soils, with officials in Brussels outright ordering authorities in the Netherlands to forcibly shut down farms in the country in order to hit green targets set by EU bureaucrats which make no sense at all in either practical or scientific terms.

The threat of these forced farm shutdowns has been the trigger that provoked mass outrage in the country over the last year, culminating in the small FarmerCitizenMovement (BBB) party coming first in the country’s local elections last month.

Update 25 March 2023: Though unrest over EU climate policies has been growing since 2018, tomorrown (26 March,) voters in Berlin will get an oportunity to show how far out of touch with the rest of the nation the capital is when they go to cast votes in a referendum on whether the city should go carbon neutral by 2030, fifteen years before the entire nation is scheduled to achieve that impossible target. ...Stand by for more protests.Read more on this story at 



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p>Green Energy & Net Zero: A Herd Of Elephants In The Room

The Cuadrilla Lancashire gas exploration wells yielded very high-quality natural gas from just a few fractures [ ... ]Claims that less than 1\100th of the gas resource of 37.6 trillion m3 could be extracted has been shown to be false, no actual UK data on gas recovery is available the claim was based on pre-2010 US data. Just 10% gas recovery from Bowland shale could supply 50 years’ worth of current UK gas demand.

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With oil and gas prices rocketing and the highly propted sustainable energy sources performing way befow expectations the energy crisis currently gripping Europe (with worse to come as food shortages start to bite, polticians still seem more intent on pandering to the green lobby and chasing the dream of a fossil fuel free world rather securing the energy and food supplies needed by the people they serve.

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