Monday, January 04, 2016

Maverick Sanders surpasses Obama, with $33mn from individual donors

by Arthur Foxake, 04 January, 2016

Bernie Sanders (image source)

While Donald Trump continues to increase his dominance in opinion polls on voting intentions in the US Reublican party's contest to be nominated official candidate for the Presidential election in November 2016, over in the democrat camp, while Hillary Clinton inexplicably still leads the field (apart from being married to a former president Mrs. Clinton's only qualification to lead the country is a disastrous term as Secretary of State for foreign policy,) another political maverick though not quite as much an outsider as Trump, is polling consistently well.

Indications are that when campaigning gets serious sometime very soon as the first primaries are only weeks away) we could see Sanders closing the gap as Hillary's enemies (of which there are many) start to undermine her very dubious reputation.

Bernie Sanders may not be topping polls yet but has broken Barack Obama’s fundraising record from individual donors with more than $33 million in the last three months of 2015. And we must remember that Sidi Obama was not leading the race at this stage in 2008.

The Sanders campaign released the news of his financial success this weekend. It increases the campaign's year-end total donations to more than $73 million from over 1 million people. The boost could not have been better timed for Sanders with the critical Iowa caucus just a month away.

The significance of the record cannot be overstated as Sanders, initially considered a dark-horse candidate because he chose to run without the super PACs used by all of his main rivals is a socialist and represents a rejection by registered democrat voters of Washington machine politics. In the same way Donald trump represents a rejection by Republicans of the status quo. It is very unlikely that the party machines will allow either Sanders or Trump to win their party's nomination, but that is likely to lead to the election by political fiat of a candidate with even less credibility than the man with no past, Barack Hussein Obama.

After a controversial Supreme Court ruling on a legal challenge brought by big business lobby Citizens United, political action committees (PACs) can help candidates collect unlimited, anonymous donations independently. That gives cover to a small group of wealthy contributors who support other Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Republican candidates. It is well known however that Hillary Clinton is the candidate preferred by corporate power brokers

Sanders has responded by calling for the repeal of the Citizens United ruling a central part of his policy platform, calling election finance "corrupt". Hillary Clinton has not commented but for either her or her husband to condemn corruption would attract accusations of hypocrisy.

New Poll Shows Clinton, Sanders Tied As Hillary's Lead Crumbles

A new opinion poll from Quinnnipac University shows Hillary Clinton's lead in the contest to become the Democratic Party Presidential nomineee has almost completely evaporated. From a lead of around thirty points in early December, the numbers are now 44% Clinton, 42% Sanders, which is such a narrow gap the only two contenders left in the race are in a statistical tie.
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For the Democrats there is, on the left a socialist, selling a political philosophy that has peviously been anatemas to American voters, yet generating the most enthusiasm of any of the other candidates. On the other end of the spectrum, Republican voters are gravitating, nay stampeding, toward Donald Trump. The only serious rival to Trump is Ted Cruz although it is early days yet and we can expect a compromise candidate to emerge
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Maverick Sanders surpasses Obama, with $33mn from individual donors
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