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Russia's action against ISIS in Syria outwits Obama Again

Europe’s intensifying migrant crisis and Russia’s increased military support for President Assad’s regime in Syria, including the establishment of a Russian military Syrian headquarters at Latakia have focused the attention of world media and those of us who like to be aware what is going on to dangerous situation now emerging from Syria’s protracted civil war.(Sorry Facebook addicts, that does not include you, go and look at some pictures of puppies and kittens or jump on the bank wagon behind the latest liberal / progressive hate-mob meme).

About a month ago it was officially announced by Moscow that Russia, tired of America's pro peace, anti terror posturing while all the time the CIA on behalf of Washington was arming and training ISIS, announced it would in future be a lone ranger in the war against Islamic State and would deploy aircraft and ground troops in Syria alongside the Syrian army's forces fighting ISIS forces equipped with US weapons provided by proxies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and (allegedly) Turkey.

What strikes us about Russia’s military involvement in Syria is the way Moscow’s approach differs from The Kremlin’s attitude on the Ukraine crisis. Whereas Putin has denied direct Russian involvement in Donbas support for the separatists at Donetsk, he’s been quite open about his determination that Assad will not fall.

That assessment differs widely from Washington’s official narrative. While the US insists (loudly) that it cannot discern what Russia’s intentions in Syria are, The Kremlin has been unusually open about its intention to bolster its ally Bashar al-Assad against any and all regime change elements, US sponsored or not) operating in Syria. However, because the US needs to forumlate a strategy that gets it out of the religious and tribalistic quagmire of middle eastern politics without Obama's fragile ego being bruised too much, the State Department and NATO have been outmanoeuvred by Russia, Iran and China and now face an impossibly complex situation in which Washington must either cooperate with its greatest rivals on the world stage, Russia and China and the traditional bogeyman, Iran. In attacking Syrian rebels trained and supported by the Pentagon or else stand aside as the Russia, China and Iran do in a matter of months what US air power and US trained fighters with US hardware have failed to achieve in more than a year. The White House pretends to be completely confused about Putin’s intentions. This charade has elevated Syria to the top of the news once more.

It's with all of the above in mind that we present the latest images that allegedly show the extent to which Russia is preparing for war from Bashar al-Assad's seaside stronghold.

British Prime Minster Harold Wilson is credited with coining the phrase "a week is a short time in politics", and Wilson, a slippery enough character to match any US or Russian leader (though immensely likeable) on that occasion at least told the absolute truth.

Three weeks ago Australia declared the existence of ISIS in Syria to be such a threat that the developed nations must break all international laws regarding sovereign integrity and launch a military invasion of Syria to hunt them down. Two weeks ago Australia began air operations in Syrian air space and hinted that its involvement would extend to boots on the ground.

One week ago Australia dumped its Prime Minister Tony (Budgie - Smuggler) Abbott.

Six days ago Russian military hardware and personnel arrived in Syria at the request of the Syrian government.

Three days ago: That Russian hardware was used in an overwhelmingly successful strike on the "ISIS capital" killing between 300 and 800 ISIS fighters and leadership members.

Today Australia says that there can be no military strategy to solve the "civil war" and demanded that a diplomatic solution be found.

When the expectation is deception, facts are the most inscrutable of fictions. I don't know who said that but it's good. The evidence of Washington's duplicity and malfeasance is so obvious as to make simple candor a strategy singular genius. Putin has simply out-classed the strategic 'experts' of the USA, UK, NATO and the European Union.

Any news coming out of Russia should be treated with a degree of scepticism, as should what comes out of Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. We can however take the above photos at face value as Russian military activity in the area has been confirmed by Israel, Turkey and British bases in Cyprus; Putin is simply applying the principal of inverses in an era of peak duplicity, the intrepid Russian leader has cleverly positioned himself as a rationalist in an era of pervasive fraud and reckless bluffing by Uncle Sam.

What is shown in the above images is just an air support base, created to support a full-scale ground offensive. ISIS and that whole rag-tag army of rag heads, rapists, rebels and beadred beheading gangs is about to see what advanced militaries can do when they operate out in the open. The CIA's creation, ISIS is about be exterminated, brutally from what I know of Russian, Chinese and Iranian military operations.

The west about to abandon ship in Syria and probably Iraq too. The USA is still leading the western coalition and now has a gay secretary of the army and a Commander In Chief who believes turd burglars are some kind of superior being. For Obama and his gay cronies, competence is an afterthought. (Being 'fabulous darling' is, after all, the path to victory and glory). For a year ISIS gave America's limp wristed military strategists the runaround, now ISIS is doomed. They'll be sealed in by the Kurds in the north, Iran in the east, Russian and Syrian forces on the Mediterranean coat with Israel further south. Putin can easily seal-off the escape route to the Caspian republics and Turkey. Then the Russian led coalition of the extremely effective will demonstrate what shock and awe really means and. It will probably last less than a week, and the Russians will give no quarter. Expect a lot of fatalities and a lot of claims of western support being withdrawn in live broadcasts featuring these twisted savages...along with tons of substantiating proof.

Oh and just in case you didn't know, there's a nuclear sub sitting right off he coast of Syria. This is far bolder than anything Russia did in Ukraine, this is very-very-very big. It is hard to get one's head round the magnitude of what's so rapidly materialized and why western leaders, spineless sycophants that they are, allowed the most incompetent and anti - White leader ever to get Euro - American civilization into such a state.

See video evidence of Russian military build up


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