Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Unenviable Choice Facing Americans: Chaos or chaos with a side order of war.

In June, 2016, as stories began to emerge of how the US Democratic Party had rigged their 'primaries' process of selecting a presidential candidate to ensure the nomination went to the traitor, war criminal, perjurer and fraudster 'Crooked Hillary' the woman the Democrats hoped to slide into The White House without serious opposition gave an important speech on U.S. national security. 

In the june speech, she somewhat hypocritically warned voters that her opponent Donald Trump was “the most dangerous candidate for US presidency ever seen”. She portrayed Trump as a liar with bizarre and dangerous ideas, a person who very easily (by mistake?) could start a nuclear war. Electing Trump for president would, according to Hillary Clinton, be like “playing roulette” with our future.

Some say Hillary is demented, others that she is a psychopath, either way everything she said about Trump in that speech applied more to her. So in trying to demonise Trump (not an appealing prospect as a potential US president, is Clinton throwing stones in a glass house? 

Her record as Secretary of State of the US government was the most hawkish and warmongering in U.S. modern history. Long before she assumed the role of America's most senior diplomat there was never a war or military intervention she did not support with great gusto. During the past two decades, from the moment her husband the serial sex criminal Bill Clinton became president she has actively supported all the U.S. wars including her husband’s bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the late 1990s, the illegal war against Iraq (2003) and supporting Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

Looking at her record on world peace, it is clear there are not enough counties in the world for the USA to invade or bomb to satisfy this insaniac's lust for death and destruction. During the 2008 presidential election, her previous bid to be president which resulted, as was suspected at the time and has now been confirmed by Wikileaks, in her being stitched up by a crooked deal her husband cooked up with 'the shadow government', Hillary Clinton threatened Iran (80 million people) with a “total obliteration” should Iran attack Israel.

During Obama’s presidency, she supported the U.S. bombing of seven mostly Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria.
Mrs. Clinton managed to convince President Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to enter into war with Libya, a one sided war (Libya has a population of 5 million)  that only succeeded in turning  the country that had been Africa's most prosperous and socially advanced into a chaotic failed state. During the conflict we were treated to the sickening spectacle of Hillary idiotically gloating over the cruel execution of Muammar Gaddafi after brutal torture. Hillary Clinton  commented on this occasion with a laugh – “We came, we saw, he died!”

In response to that most civilised people responded, "Stupid old bitch."

Clinton fully supported the coup in Honduras (2009); she supported Israel during the Gaza wars of 2009 and 2014 and the illegal coup in Ukraine in 2014.

Hillary Clinton always unreservedly supported the peacemake and joybringer (in his own estimation) Barack Husseing Obama in the U.S. drone warfare against backward counrties such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Algeria and Somalia as well as nations like Pakistan and Syria which are better equipped to defend themselves.

Hillary Clinton has supported Obama’s policyof backing terrorist groups and using them in bids to effect regime change, particularly in nations that had secular Shia and Alawite Muslim dictators who Obama sought to replace with extremist Sunni Muslim theocracies.

Hillary Clinton has used her own private emailer in her correspondence with foreign politicians and military, in a big to evade scrutiny as she abused her office by selling favours to corporate interests and foreign governments (this has been revealed in documents published by Wikileaks, but there are too many instances to list individiually).

Hillary Clinton used the family’s 'charity' foundation (the Clinton Foundation) to operate the Pay for Play scheme that rendered political favors to highly dubious dictators and business dealers in exchange for huge cash donations.

Hillary Clinton is the prime Candidate for the military-industrial complex. She enjoys full support from the Republican Party’s most hawkish members includinbg former Vice President Dick Cheney and Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland. 

A large number of countries in Africa, the middle east and South East Asia have been devastated by US foreign policy throughout the Bill Clinton, baby  Bush and Obama presidencies. We are faced with a refugee situation which the West can no longer handle. Mddling in the political affairs of nations such as Ukraine, Romania and Georgia have dramatically increased the risk of a major war between NATO countries and Russia.
The USA has been pursing a cold war strategy nuclear weapons, NATO military of setting up nuclear weapons bases in nations that have borders with Russia thus encircling Russia, while repeatedly organizing coups d’état on Russia’s doorstep, holding provocative military exercises close to Russia's borders and the demonising President Putin and the Russian government. All this gives Russia a good reason to believe that US / NATO is preparing for war.

The fact that Russia resorts to counter measures should not be too difficult for even the most bigoted washington hawk to understand. The combination of US and NATO provocation and their non-stop propaganda lays the ground for a small incident to turn into a major nuclear catastrophe.

The situation today resembles the one which prevailed just before the outbreak of the First World War. The great powers were then too heavily armed and ready to attack following the slightest incident.

The thought of America electing a president whose record shows she is besotted with war, and who has shown she is insane enough to press the button and release the nukes would be the ultimate nightmare.There is only one sane choice Americans can make on November 8 because although we do not know what either candidate would actually do, Donald Trump has said he does not want war and would de - escalate, Hillary Clinton has promised the first thing she would do is cross Putin's red line by directly attacking Syria.


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