Thursday, December 07, 2017

USA Exposed As Lawless Rogue State?

The collapse of U.S.-backed rebellion by Sunni Muslim fundamentalists in Syria and Iraq has led to the spontaneous creation of a "peace bloc" of nations opposed to Washington’s interventionist foreign policy and regime change wars wars, said British journalist Vanessa Beeley (audio) on RT radio.

“Now we have Turkey and Qatar basically joining the China-Russia-Iran-Syria-Lebanon-Iraq axis,” said Beeley, an associate editor for 21st Century Wire. The U.S. has been “exposed as the dishonest, lawless, rogue state that it really is,” she said. Russia, on the other hand, is known as “an honest international player.” Beeley was interviewed on the Taylor Report, on CUIT Radio, Toronto, Canada.

Well it might be going a bit far to suggest that Russia is an honest player, but the USA has been getting away with meddling in the internal affairs of smaller nations for far too long.

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