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Mac Slavo of Discovers Real Reason Why Trump Scares The Establishment

Yesterday we shared a post on Facebook (yeah, we're not big fans of FB but posting links there gets out stuff noticed by search engines very quickly - what? WHAT? No that's not hypocrisy, I never said this blog isn't cynical ;-) ) a post which showed how American liberals have been going crazy over something Trump said he would do if he becomes President. The Donald upset the hand wringers and breast beaters by saying he would target no just terrorists but the families of terrorists to discourage terror attacks on US territory and citizens.

You can see why the Obama - worshipping, human rights loving liberals would get angry about that. Obviously only a fascist tyrant would consider such a policy. A tyrant like Hitler or Mussolini or Pol Pot .... or Barack Hussein Obama. The thing is here, the liberals and lefties are demonizing Donald Trump for saying he would do exactly what the sneaky little slimeball now in The White House has been doing for most of his second term.

So if Trump is in fact as liberal as the corporate sock puppet Obama, what is it about him that has the ruling elite so scared the corporate owned mainstream media are resorting to desperate measures to discredit him while politicians plot increasing unfeasible ways to stop him becoming president.

Mac Slavo of SHTF blog has the answer. It did not surprise me, I'm a natural sceptic, but being an outsider (British) this had not occurred to me as something that happens in US politics as well as in Britain and Europe. But in this interview you will see the side of Trump mainstream media will never report. Donald Trump is not a fascist or a wannabe tyrant, he is not a racist or a warmonger, and most important he is not a globalist, he does not advocate the kind of free trade deals that would abolish national law and give corporate businesses sovereignty over nations. He loves America and respects other nations independence. HE IS AN OPPONENT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Over to SHTFplan:

The Donald has completely taken over the news cycle.

His path of victory after victory in GOP primary states has the establishment freaking out, and every major media outlet scrambling for a way to stop Trump, or at least to damage his reputation.

But why is he being compared to Hitler and inducing aneurysms among the political elite?

Obviously it isn’t the name-calling or fiery rhetoric that has the system’s minions losing sleep and openly-plotting his demise.

No. It is for one basic reason: his rhetoric and campaign promises have centered around restoring American sovereignty.

Economically, he has talked about undoing globalism and free trade, bringing back good American jobs, protecting the border (and yes, building the 10+ foot high wall) and saying no to a culture of exploiting illegal immigrant workers at the expense of American employment.

Never mind if he can keep any of those promises, because just hyping them up has been enough to cause mass panic and hysteria in the corporate halls of Washington, Wall Street and the lapdog media.

But what might surprise you, even shock you, is that he has been talking this way for decades.

Just listen to what he told Oprah and her audience more than 25 years ago (circa 1987):

“I’d make our allies pay their fair share” “I’m tired of seeing what’s happening with this country.” “I’m tired of seeing this country ripped off.”

Read the rest and see video of the Oprah interview with Donald Trump

You should not read this as an expression of support for Donald Trump, it's not my election, I don't have a vote. And I still think he's a loudmouth and a crude, crass bully. But nobody ever got to be a billionaire or a president by being Mr. Nice Person. Those of us who took the trouble to research Barack Obama's career properly (it's a very thin dossier but does show his links with some very unsavoury capitalists,) know what a duplicitous backstabber he was as he climbed the political ladder. Even people who are millionaires did not manage it without treading on a few people.

Our main concern, wherever in the wourld we live, must be that the crooked, corrupt, discredited corporate crony Hilary Clinton, if she should avoid prison and become president, will be a ten times worse and more divisive leader than Obama has been.


The Difference In Voting For Hillbillary or Trump Is Only One Promises War With Russia

Essential reading for our American readers who must soon decide who they want as their next president. Important too for non Americans who cannot influence the outcome of the election but are entitled to know why their arses might be blown from here to eternity sometime in the next few years.

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