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Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”



Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”

With the cost of energy and food prices already sky high and set to go higher, the , billionaire psychopaths who own the world's governments are off on their most insane, gencidal ego trip to date. They have declared war on the food that sustains us. The European Union (a wholly owned subsidiary of the World Economic Forum, having for decades paid farmers across the 27 member states handsomely to let productive land lie fallow and latterly doled out even bigger subsidies to farmer willing to abandon the management of their land and let it return to nature, having failed to completely remove the gas essential to all lifeforms, Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, is now setting itself up to remove another esstential gas, nitrogen - which accounts for 70% of the air we breathe.

A globalist government in The Netherlands has already launched a policy which will result in the enforced closure of most farming activity throughout the country in order to save the planet from “global warming.”

Although there is absolutely zero evidence that nitrogen either directly or indirectly influences the climate, plans are already in motion to shut down an astounding 3,000 privately owned Dutch farms that have been deemed as “polluters” because of their nitrogen “emissions.”

Nitrogen is an element that is vital to all life forms. To the globalist-infiltrated Dutch government, however, it is a “pollutant” (as we have reported HERE and HERE,) that must be eradicated. (Related: Dutch politicians want to exterminate 95 percent of a dairy farmer’s herd in order to stop “climate change”.)

Back in the summer of this year, Dutch farmers swarmed the streets with tractors, blocking traffic while they dumped manure piles in front of government buildings. With the latest revelations of the government's plans for the ruiniation of the country's most important exporting industry the tractor boys are at it once again with a second round of protests using similar means.

“These reductions are so severe that those rural communities will be totally devastated economically,” warned Sander van Diepen, a spokesman for LTO Nederland.

In total, 11,200 Dutch farms will need to go, says government

Reports from inside the country's political establishment say that the farmers whose lands are being targeted will receive monetary offers that the government considers “generous.” They will have the option to take the cash and run or not take it and probably end up worse off because once designated as being in a nigtrogen emissions free zone the land will have no value.

If the land the government plans to free up cannot be used for farming, which makes up a sizable portion of the Dutch economy, then it is useless, economically speaking. The Dutch, demonstrating how sneaky and malfeasant the globalist movement is government will be hoping that farmers will see they are trapped, have been shafted by Marxist ideologues, and will reluctantly take the cash and give up their land without a fight.

At first, it was just 600 farms that needed to go. Then that number ballooned to 3,000. Now, the latest figure being thrown out by Dutch globalists is 11,200 farms will need to shut down completely in order for The Netherlands to reach the European Union’s (EU) economically suicidal climate goals.

Another 17,600 farms will need to significantly reduce their livestock numbers in order to remain in compliance. Bearing in mind The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of dairy produce in the world, this is an absolutely insane proposition that will utterly destroy the Dutch agricultural system, not to mention the country’s economy.

In moves typical of the neo - Nazi tactics favoured by globalists, Dutch farmers and their allies taking to the streets in protest of this ever-expanding climate tyranny have been subjected to heavy handed treatment by the FASCIST plod. Police, in some cases, have come in with heavy equipment to tip over the farmers’ tractors, some with farmers still inside of them.

In other instances, farmers who were standing peacefully in protest were hauled off in black vans by police jackboots working on behalf of the climate cultists that infest the Dutch politics and the World |Government supporters who have infiltrated just about everything.

Similar violent tactics were used by police during the last round of protests. In one instance, they actually fired live ammunition at a farmer’s child for seemingly no other reason than the boy was peacefully driving his tractor at one of the protest events.

All of this is part of the so-called “Great Reset” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has established 2030 as the year in which all climate goals must be met.

The elimination of most humans is part of the globalists’ vision for the future of their planned new world, so that the elite can turn the planet into a giant nature theme park. To keep up with the latest, visit


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