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Russia Has Called the War Party's Bluff, Now Washinton Looks Spineless And Hillary Clinton Sounds Insane

From the Clinton power and influence for sale racketeers, with enthusiastic backing of the corporate/military/media complex in the USA to the British establishment and its corporate media mouthpieces, the European Unions unelected bureaucrat leaders and 'we'll-say-anything-if-the-money-is-right academics, the Anglo-American, self-appointed “leaders of the free world” are racking up demonization of Russia and “Putinism” to pure incandescence in their quest for a profit generating war with Russia, which these idiots believe will not only achieve a massive depopulation while generating vast profits from selling us poor taxpayers Cruise Missiles as a million dollars a bang, but will secure global dominance for the US globalist corporate cartel

Don't be taken in by this fear and panic generating exercise, global war is not going to break out after the November 8 US presidential election. The carefully constructed layers of outrage and loathing are a bluff. Let me show you an example of how war propaganda is being used to dupe the gullible into supporting the status quo from Information Clearing House.

The current issue of The Economist magazine – supposedly the most influential news and current affairs magazine published in Britain, though the extent to which this is really the case is open to doubt – carries on its cover a picture of a demonic looking Putin that goes beyond anything I have ever seen.

This picture is neither funny (such as pictures of Hitler in the British media during the Second World War famously were) nor factual (as pictures of Soviet leaders during the Cold War were). It is instead hideous and grotesque, showing a monster from a bad horror film.


That this image is profoundly shocking and dehumanising should not need saying. As such it fulfils the classic function of war propaganda, which is to dehumanise the enemy to make his killing acceptable. Certainly the publication of such an image cannot be explained in any other way.

What is however most shocking about The Economist’s cover is that in Britain it has provoked so few complaints or objections.

It should go without saying that any such depiction of the leader of any other country or nationality would in Britain today provoke a storm, with many people rightly complaining that the image was dehumanising and racist. However if the image is one of the leader of Russia nothing of the sort happens.

I recently wrote a piece for The Duran in which I spoke of how racist stereotyping of Russians in Britain and in the West is the one form of racist stereotyping which remains not only permissible but actually fashionable.

Indeed the cover of this week's Economist provides grisly confirmation of this, the image is not particularly shocking and is similar to a picture demonizing former British Labour Party Prime Minister Tony Blair used by a Conservative newspaper during one of Blair's election campaigns. The differences are Putin is a foreign leader, not a British politician engaged in fighting an election, partisan politics should not be part of a build up to war, and The Economist presents itself as an august academic journal rather than a downmarket tabloid.

But for those who are almost persuaded that only a warmogering hawk like Hillary Clinton can save us from Russian aggression, let's look at how things in the middle east, starting with with the Russian naval task force in Syria, led by the officially designated “heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser” Admiral Kuznetsov, which will be stationed in the eastern Mediterranean at least until February 2017, supporting operations against all strands of Salafi-jihadism.

The Admiral Kuznetsov is not an aircraft carrier was the war hawks in Britain have described it, though fully equipped with anti-ship airborne defense systems (short range aircraft), artillery and anti-submarine warfare systems – and able to defend itself against a vast array of threats, unlike NATO vessels, it is heading for the coast of Syria to boost Russian forces ability to defend against a US first strike and subesquent attacks on territory held by the Assad government.

Predictably, NATO is spinning the alarmist narrative that “all the Russian Northern Fleet”, along with the Baltic Fleet, is on the way to the Mediterranean. These are lies; only part of the Northern Fleet is heading for Syria, and with the USA installing launch bases for missiles with nuclear strike capability in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania the Baltic Fleet ships are not going anywhere and Russia is beefing up its missile defence capability in its Baltic enclave Kaliningrad.

As for Syria, when the capabilities of this Russian flotilla are matched with the S-300/S-400 missile systems already deployed in Syria, Russia, in response to Hillary Clinton's ill advised (and stupid) pledge that on becoming president she will declare a no fly zone over Syria (thus leaving aircraft of the USA and its allies to bomb what's left of that country to ruin as they did in Libya, Putin, without revealing his hand, has played his aces and established a de facto no fly zone over Assad held territory, at the same time neutralising the firepower of the US Sixth Fleet.

That should put into perspective the impotence of the rent boy president as he minces around Washington trying to talk up the Russian threast, and the stupidity and reptillian anger of his anointed successor as she screams for more war, more death and more donations to the corrupt clinton Foundation.

Another problem for Washington is the Pentagon backs the YPG Kurds, who are not in favor of regime change in Damascus, knowing that if Assad falls, fanatical theorcrats will replace him and will launch a genocide against the Christians and secular Muslims of Kurdistan, while the CIA and The White House have since 2011 been funding, arming and training the human organ noshing, head amputating savages of Obama's beloved “moderate rebels”, the Al Nusra front (like ISIS, Al Qaeda affiliates.

Barack Obama does not like making difficult decisions, it is (like just about everything else) not one of his strengths) so the decision on Syria will fall to Hillary Clinton. Unilaterally declaring a no fly zone is not an available option, because Russia is already doing it. And if she decides to “punish the regime”, Moscow already telegraphed, via Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov, there will definitely be “consequences” for imposing a “shadow” hot war.

Washington, of course, reserves for itself a “first-strike” nuclear capability, which Hillary Clinton fully supports (Donald Trump does not, and for that and using words like 'pussy' he’s also demonized by warmongers in the USA and its NATO allies). If we allow the current hysteria to literally go nuclear, then we must consider the matter of the S-500 anti-missile system – which effectively seals Russia's air space; Moscow won’t admit it on the record because that would unleash a relentless arms race.

Sun Tzu doesn’t do first-strike and nether does Vladimir Putin, that's why despite three years of Washington's provocations, the world is not at war.

American Attempts To Demonise Russia Look More Pathetic Than Desperate

In spite of all the screeching from Hillary Clinton's campaign team, the bombast of the Obama administration and they hysteria in mainstream media it should be obvious even to a prepubescent kid whose computing skills are limited to playing games on an android tablet that the hacking of the Democrat's campaign servers, Obama's private email address and the State Department is an inside job.

USA Backs Down In Syria As Putin Stands His Ground
Following the news earlier in the week that Russia had deployed it's highly advanced S300 and S400 (Growler) air defence systems to Syria in response to repeated US attacks on positions held by the Syrian government of President Assad, yesterday’s Russian warning that US aircraft or missiles attacking Syria would be shot down has forced The White House to concede that all plans for military action against the government of Syria have been dropped.

Ideologue Obama Declares War On Ideologies

When the idealists of the left have top resort to suppressing the free press and free speech because they are losing the argument it is time to forget all the empty talk of hope and change, look at the track record of war and destruction and recognise these so called liberals for what they are, authorotarian tyrants.

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