Thursday, October 06, 2016

UN Peace Council: The Syria conflict is a proxy invasion by the United States

This blog and  our other publications have been saying ever since the 'Arab Spring' was stirred up by a stupid, demogogical speech made in Cairo by Obama, that the US aim was a proxy war with Russia and Iran in the middle east. Look what happened since then. Secular Muslim leaders in Egypt and Libya were overthrown by US led regime change campaigns, turning Libya into a failed state and Egypt into an Islamic fundamentalist theorcracy run by the extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood) Fortunately theorcratic rule was only temporary, the nation's powerful military asserted itself  and imposed a dictatorship that would rule in the style of deposed leader Honsi Murbarak.

The extremists were ousted byt not before they had time to slaughter several thousand Egyptians for crimes such as being Coptic or Ethiopian Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, atheists or simply the wrong sort of Muslim.

The other great American middle eastern foreign policy disaster of the Obama presidency is of course Syria (Iraq and Afghanistan were inherited from the Bush administration although the rent boy president did not cover himself in glory in his handling of either.) Syria is of course a strategically important ally of Russia and Iran and while of less strategic value as an ally to China it is important politically, and so when the US created and funded ISIS and Al Nusra human-organ noshing head amputators failed to depose Assad, Obama's plan to intervene directly to overthrow the Syrian dictator's regime was thwarted by the intervention of Russia and Iran.

Feigning injured innocence the Obama regime in Washington tried to claim they had been preparing to intervene on 'humanitarian grounds' because of human rights violations by the Syrian government. This was hypocritical to say the least, in the brutal conflict is Syria there were human rights violations by both sides (that's what happens in a war), but Obama's cronies were prepared to turn a blind eye to the atrocities, mass rapes and taking of women as sex slaves by the rent - boy president's beloved 'moderate rebels' and focus only on what the Assad loyalists were doing in their efforts to stop the nation falling into the hands  of Washington backed barbarians. 

At last the United Nations Peace Council has blown the gaff on Washington Imperialism by ruling that the war in Syria is not a civil conflict but an invasion by proxy by the USA, which has been the main animator of the rebellion.. This is  a long video, but worth watching if you care to know the truth about what is going on in Syria and how Obama has been lying to the world again, please take the time to watch it (direct link below if embed does not work) ... 

Syria Not Civil War But US Invasion - United Nations Peace Council 


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