Thursday, October 06, 2016

US prepared ‘to fight’ in Russia, China missile defense zones – Pentagon

US Defence Chiefs in Washington really have lost the plot ...

Admiral John Richardson, addressing the US Naval Institute – CSIS Maritime Security Dialogue reportedly said "The US Navy is seemingly ready to conduct operations in areas regarded as no-go missile areas". Such defense missile zones can be found at Russia’s and China’s coastlines.

As Obama and others ramp up tensions with Russia over the conflict in Syria, Richardson said that from now on the US Navy is “scaling down” the term ‘A2/AD’ (anti-access/area denial) from its communications. Earlier, these areas were viewed as “an impenetrable keep out zone that forces can only enter at extreme peril to their existence, let alone their mission,” Richardson wrote in an article for the National Interest outlet. Now he obviously takes the view that with Russian and Chinese naval forces stronger than ever before, it is time for the USA to commit itself on two fronts simultaneously.

The Admiral went on to explain why the US military decided to ditch the classification of certain areas as no entry zones. To an outsider it appears to be the latest stage in the Obama administration's policy of going to war with every nation that does not surrender to American bullying.

US war ship harassed by Iranian speedboats after straying too close to Iran in The Strait Of Hormuz (Image source: Russia Today)

“Since different theaters present unique challenges, a ‘one size fits all’ term to describe the mission and the challenge creates confusion, not clarity. Instead, we will talk in specifics about our strategy and capabilities relative to those of our potential adversaries, within the specific context of geography, concepts, and technology,” he said.

According to Richardson, the current understanding of the term simplifies the real state of things which is “far more complex” than lines on the map.It is not quite clear what point he is trying to make, if one nation's military enters another's sovereign territory, including territorial waters uninvited, long term conventions didcate this constitutes and act of aggression.

The lines delimiting these zones on maps are used to show the limits of missile defense systems’ ranges. If the aircraft or an aircraft carrier crossed the mark, it is at risk of being destroyed, Richardson said. So he's planning to put US ships and naval personnel at risk of being destroyed.

It is noteworthy that such zones – at least, the majority of them – are located on the coastlines of Russia and China.

The only reasonable interpretation of this idiotic, warmongering blether is that US military leaders are prepared to take a risk to establish a presence in the no-go zones.

“It's actually really hard to achieve a hit. It requires the completion of a really complex chain of events. The threats they are based on are not insurmountable, and can be managed, will be managed,” Richardson said.

“Have no doubt, the US Navy is prepared to go wherever it needs to go, at any time, and stay there for as long as necessary in response to our leadership’s call to project our strategic influence,” he said.

Tensions have been running high over the US imperial expansionism. In June, Russia warned the US about American warships entering the Black Sea and “response measures” from Moscow that would follow if US naval vessels strayed to close to Russian bases. The USS Porter (DDG-78), armed with assault cruise missiles and an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System entered the Black Sea at the beginning of June.

Another hotspot for the confrontation is South Korea, where the US is determined to install THAAD anti-missile systems.

Beijing has objected strongly to the proposal, and warned Washinton it will take steps to maintain a strategic power balance in the region. A week ago, however, the US said it will deploy the system to South Korea “as soon as possible.”

In mid-September, Russia and China held joint drills, with their culmination off the coast of China’s southern Guangdong Province.


UN Peace Council: The Syria conflict is a proxy invasion by the United States

This blog and our other publications have been saying ever since the 'Arab Spring' was stirred up by a stupid, demogogical speech made in Cairo by Obama, that the US aim was a proxy war with Russia and Iran in the middle east. Look what happened since then. Secular Muslim leaders in Egypt and Libya were overthrown by US led regime change campaigns ...

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