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Another Setback For UK's Net Zero Green Dreams As Cost Rise Faster Than China's CO2 Emissions

 The UK ruling elite's dreams of leading the world to a net zero future suffered another setback today when Swedish energy company Vattenfall announced work on the Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm is to be suspended indefinitely. The reasons given are spiralling costs, uncertainty in supply lines and the economic reality that despite all the propaganda about 'wind power is free' over the past few years, offshore wind farms are hideously expensive to operate as well as being enormously damaging to the marine environment.

As this blog has always said, if you pick a fight with nature, nature will always win. Thus it should be no surprise that one of  the UK’s largest offshore wind farm projects to date has has run aground, ironically partly due to lack of wind because 2023 has so far been notable for a high number of windless or low wind days, but also due to the rocketing costs of raw materials needed to make wind turbines costs. The fact that China and Russia control most sources of these vital raw materials should also be no surprise.

Swedish energy group, Vattenfall, has been forced to halt construction and planning work on its 1.4GW Norfolk Boreas site off England's east coast, following a 40% increase in budgeted costs. Clearly, “going green” isn’t the path to instant riches and ongoing prosperity the government's propagandists would have you believe.

Anna Borg, Vattenfall’s CEO wrote in a statement released today:

“What we see today, it simply doesn’t make sense to continue this project.”

 This news blows a huge hole in the UK government's the commitment to increasing its offshore wind capacity 300 per cent by 2030 in order to push forward the total decarbonisation of the electricity system. It also hihlights the truth of another claim by independent commentators that has been dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory' by mainstream media and academics, that the cost efficiency and reliability of these 'renewable energy' projects remain questionable.

For over 20 years the UK government has been promoting the wonders of wind power projects to meet its unrealistic net-zero targets, apparently oblivious to the reality that we cannot control the wind and when there is insufficient movement of air (i.e. below 12 mph) a wind turbine is not going to generate a single watt of electricity. However nature is biting back, and with costs spiraling out of control, the flight from fossil fuels looks as if it is struggling against into a headwinds.

This latest fiasco forged by the government's scientific advisers stands as a testament to the impracticality of impulsively jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon while shouting "We're following the science," without first thoroughly investigating the practical limitations of technologies that look great on paper, in mathematical models, or under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

The now defunct, if we are honest, Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm was intended to be the flagship of the country’s major offshore wind projects. Its aim was to provide low cost electricity to 1.5 million homes with up to 140 turbines. Now the developers have acknowledged that projects with low locked-in electricity prices have turned uneconomical due to these escalating costs and disruptions.

In February this year our Daily Stirrer publication reported that Vattenfall, along with Denmark’s Ørsted and other wind farm developers, were seeking tax breaks or subsidies as a remedy to their fiscal woes which had been created by governments pandering to extremist pressure groups and prematurely closing gas, coal and nuclear power plants, capping wells and abandoning mines on the strength of assurances from mathematical modellers that wind power could supply all the energy needs of the world's fifth largest economy. Perhaps now the twin mirage of “cheap” renewable energy and the infallibility of science are revealed to have been nothing but a smoke and mirrors stunt, perhaps vote seeking politicians and rent - seeking science journalists may have to acknowledge the economic reality that has been hidden behind the curtain.


Scientists says Nuclear Is The Way Forward For Clean Energy - Do Ursidae Defecate In Sylvan Landscapes?
Scientists, politicians and media have been screeching, for the past 30 or so years, about the need to transition away from carbon based fossil fuels, (coal, gas and oil,) as a matter or urgency or risk destroying the life supporting ecology of our planet by overloading the system with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted from human activity. Next they'll be informing us, in their lofty and condescending way that yes, bears do actually shit in the woods.

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Implosion of Germany's Green Party Threatens To Destabilse EU
With the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 US election, the far left parties in Liberal Democracies celebrated the defeat of the far right. At around the same time it appeared that Germany's AfD party, Italy's Lega and and the Sweden Democrats had been discredited and surges in their popularity had been halted by negative propaganda campaigns while Germany's Green Party were at the height of their popularity and were hailed as Europe's great hope for a clean, net zero, woke, gay and trans friendly future.

Climate Scaremongers Have Taken Over Where COVID Scaremongers Left Off
Boggart Blog can announce that the winners of our coveted Scaremongering Bollocks of The Month award goes this month to BBC News. Not only did the BBC report in one of their regular climate catastrophe scare stories that river levels across the UK have been at record lows, they broadcast that news story on the same day as The London Weather Centre announced that March 2023 was set to be the wettest March since records began.

Green Energy & Net Zero: A Herd Of Elephants In The Room

The Cuadrilla Lancashire gas exploration wells yielded very high-quality natural gas from just a few fractures [ ... ]Claims that less than 1\100th of the gas resource of 37.6 trillion m3 could be extracted has been shown to be false, no actual UK data on gas recovery is available the claim was based on pre-2010 US data. Just 10% gas recovery from Bowland shale could supply 50 years’ worth of current UK gas demand.

Green Energy & Net Zero: A Herd Of Elephants In The Room

The Cuadrilla Lancashire gas exploration wells yielded very high-quality natural gas from just a few fractures [ ... ]Claims that less than 1\100th of the gas resource of 37.6 trillion m3 could be extracted has been shown to be false, no actual UK data on gas recovery is available the claim was based on pre-2010 US data. Just 10% gas recovery from Bowland shale could supply 50 years’ worth of current UK gas demand.

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The German government, already reeling from the public backlash against rising fuel prices, the shortage of gas since supplies from Russia were cut off, and the biggest economic crisis in the EU, has now jumped on another 'woke' bandwagon. The socialist led ruling coalition has banned farmers in one of its federal states from properly fertilizing land in compliance with the latest lunacy of the EU's green agenda ...

Just When We Need It Most, Renewable Energy Disappears
In an encouraging sign of a great awakening, million of people in the UK are now, after a week of brutally cold, absolutely windless weather asking "Why have we wasted so much money on wind turbines and harvesting solar energy."
  Yet when politicians are asked directly: "How do we keep the lights on and our homes warm when the wind does not blow and the sun is too low in the sky to make much impression on photovoltaic cells that do the business in solar panels?

Europe's Cold Spell Exposes Green Energy Policy Failure
So far the autumn of 2022 has been unusually mild which has had eco-warriors getting worked up and gluing their arses to motorways and airport runways to demand that we stop using oil. However winter temperatures across Europe predictably dropped sharply in late November and through most of December to date have been positively arctic. Scientists have offered the opinion that the cold weather spell the ongoing European gas crisis is now “likely” to worsen significantly as usual seasonal weather spreads across the northern half of the continent, bringing with it an increased need for domestic heating.

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